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I Hate Packing

Friday, 19 August 2011

Is anyone else as horrendous at packing as I am? I'm great at making lists but somehow I always end up running round the house at midnight the night before I go, desperately searching for my phone charger/pants/travel tickets and wailing about how difficult it is to pack everything I need for 3 days into one little bag. Stupid British weather. I can't just grab some sandals and a couple of dresses and go. Oh no, I have to pack for all eventualities. You just know it'll be boiling one minute and then tipping it down the next.

Clothes haven't been too much of an issue for this trip. My dilemma this time is shoes. The forecast, unsurprisingly, says rain in Edinburgh this weekend so I need something waterproof-ish. I have one pair of sensible waterproof shoes. ONE PAIR. And they are big clumpy biker boots. Everything else is either suede (I have way more suede shoes than is either sensible or normal), flat pumps that let the water in, full of ribbons and decorations (damn my Irregular Choice habit) or really high heels that are not at all suitable for hiking round a city in.

I've rifled through the shoe racks for what seems like hours, hoping vainly than a sensible pair will make themselves known. Wet feet it is then.

But in more positive news, I was visited by the Fairy Hobmother earlier in the week. She's a very lovely lady from Appliances Online who flitters around Blogland giving out treats. She saw my comment on this post on A Thrifty Mrs and has rescued me from a 9 hour coach journey of DOOM* by providing a shiny Amazon voucher so that I could stock up the Kindle and save myself from extreme boredom.

So I've treated myself to this, which is getting rave reviews from everyone I know who's read it:

And this, which intrigues me:

And one with such a shamefully awful cover that I won't reveal it. I love the author but dear god, the cover is cheesier than the Mayor of Cheesetown wearing a cheddar suit, an Edam hat and a mayoral chain made entirely of Babybels.


So! The Fairy Hobmother will be dropping in to cast her eyes over the comments on this post. Leave a wish and if you're very lucky, she'll get in touch and grant it for you. She's nice like that.

See you on Monday!

*Yes gang, I'm going by coach to Edinburgh. It was £9. The train would have cost a fortune and financially I'm living on the bones of my arse this month. Doing it this way means I have wine money, hurrah!


  1. Shoes are my packing problem too. Weather, activities and just plan what-to-wear-with-what always stump me.

  2. Bless I know what you mean about packing Alex. Even though I have been a organised as possible I have two others in the house who are far from it!

    Enjoy Scotland. I can understand why you are off by coach but it will as you say be a very long ride. Thank the lord for The Fairy Hobmother eh! I shall be taking my cheap charity shop books with me as I can then leave them for some one else to enjoy after.

    As for my wish? A new bag suitable to carry my laptop and paperwork in that still looks nice. Since my laptop, bag and diary (You don't realise how much you live by your diary until you loose it!) were stolen I have been struggling to find a replacement to my trusty river island bag. I will get my new work laptop on the return from my jollies so will need to get one then. I am just very thankful that work were ok with me about it and that the car wasn't damaged!

    Alex enjoy your hols, hope the weather stays dry as do your feet.

    X x

  3. It's not your fault, it's entirely the weather's fault. It's nigh on impossible to pack light these days. And I find that even when I'm strict and do pack light - I end up looking like a pack horse because of all the other 'bits' - hair straighteners, make-up, accessories, perfume - that go towards making me look somewhat human.

    I'm all for cheap travel - I shall be travelling to London for the day at the end of September for the princely sum of £10. (Even if it does mean that I leave at 06.50 and return at 02.45!)

    Ha my Amazon wish list is so long it's ridiculous - books, dvds, kitchen things, stationary paper - if I could even one thing on there it would make me a happier bunny.

    Enjoy Edinburgh!

  4. I always pack my trusy converse for jaunts like that. People moan that they let water on but compared to flimsy ballet flats that I usually wear they are quite water tight!

    My wish would be - for something to make my house a home. We are currently in the midst of DIY hell and I need some little pretty things to make my house feel more like home. Perhaps a nice new bedding set or some pretty cushions for our settee would be nice :)

  5. There is NOTHING wrong with your shoe collection Alex, I bloody love your shoes. :) Who needs silly sensible shoes eh.
    Hope you have a lovely time and the weather picks up.


  6. It's got to be done, I'm all for a long slog for pennies, as long as I've got my book(s)!

    I'm with you on the packing thing, packing for summer, winter and everything inbetween is so frustrating. And then you have to lug your bag around and end up not using most of the stuff, but knowing that if you didn't have it you'd need it. Grr. Can you tell I do that a lot?!


  7. Have a fabby time Alex! I too am a terrible packer, i write lists in advance but alas i will always leave something vital behind.

    My current wish would be a pretty make up bag to keep my everyday make up rather then me having to hunt my way though every item of make up i own! x

  8. my current wish is a fab blender so I can start this healthy eating business ( which I'm sure I've been going on about for months!)

  9. Lovely to see some joy being spread in these otherwise troubled and depressing times. I look to blogs such as yours and they make me smile and bring some fun and glamour to my days.

    As for any wishes well we have been living without a fridge/freezer for over a yr now and we also think the cooker is about to die so just having something to cook on or cool would be nice. Otherwise any kind of treat is always welcome in this frugal house.

  10. Wow, I went from Glasgow to Edinburgh last weekend, bloody £13.70 each on train! I'll warn you though, it been a bit more chilly in past few days up here! I always pack dresses that can work with or without tights, and anything goes with Converse, even rain to an extent! If you're going to the festival, try and see a guy called Steve Allen (I think...), he was in the 'Free tea and biscuits' show last week and he was really funny :)

  11. I am awful at packing. I'm staying at a friends for ONE night and have five outfits and three pairs of shoes (just in case!)

  12. I too love suede shoes, even though we live in completely the wrong country for them really. It is a pain having to pack for every weather eventuality. Have a great time!

  13. I love your shoes-all of them


  14. Shoes are my downfall too, you just never seem to have the pair you need! I hope you have a lovely time regardless of footwear issues :)
    My current wish would be some new books or book vouchers to keep me entertained until I go back to Uni and/or persuade someone to give me a job - Summer is so boring as an adult with no money!


  15. Wow, can I eat your cheesy mayor? The thought of all that cheese is making me drool!
    Cheap travel is the way forward. I have a 6 hour coach journey to Norfolk next week. Can I buy music for my ipod on Amazon? If so that'd be great....

  16. Enjoy Edinburgh Alex! Every year I say I'm going to go to the Festival but as yet have only made it as far as Glasgow. Which I LOVED!

    If the Fairy Hobmother was feeling generous I'd love a set of different-sized crochet hooks.

    K xx

  17. First things first, hope you have a fabulous time in Edinburgh :)

    I too am pretty terrible when it comes to packing - it seriously stresses me out! I had very similar problems to you at the beginning of the week - I went to Cardiff, Mon - Weds, it took me AGES to work out what to take. And actually thinking about it now, I still managed to bring home two dresses unworn!

    It seriously took me SO long to work out the shoe dilemma - my Mum just didn't understand how I had to work out what shoes I was taking, to decide which clothes to pack..
    I ended up going for cream sandals (that went with everything) - but I only ended up wearing them the first day. And taking my white loafer type things, because they also went with everything, are comfortable, & SLIGHTLY more sturdy than all my other flats. I just ended up having to accept that if it rained, I'd get a bit wet :/

    You are an extremely lucky girly, getting yourself a Kindle - wow :) If I had the chance for a prize, that's actually what I'd choose too. Partly because I tend to take lots of long coach trips, & partly just because I'm intrigued by one & very jealous of everyone who's got one!

    (Sorry my comments on your posts always turn into total essays :/)

  18. Oh Alex so many shoes. I’m feeling a Cinderella moment coming on.
    Have a lovely time in Edinburgh and enjoy your new reads on the journey xxx

    p.s My wish would be for something exciting and magical. Surprises always are the best kind.

  19. Just give me 5 MINUTES with the shoes!!! Just 5!!!
    Erk,packing sux,in NZ we have to be prepared for all eventualities as well!I cant bear practicalities!Oddly,I don't mind gumboots.Probably cos I can stand in puddles and marvel at my feet staying dry.....
    Ooo,books,and some cheese on the side to boot?!Hurrah!
    Love!!!Take lots of pix!

  20. PS. (Yes, I really am back for more!) Can't believe I didn't think of this earlier: BROGUES!
    Brogues are my go-to rainy-day shoes at the moment - provide a bit more protection & waterproofness than normal flats/pumps, yet still comfy & work with lots of outfits.
    So there you have it, brogues are my official shoe recommendation for your trip :)

  21. Mmm, £9 is not to be sniffed at. That is only £1 per hour! I swear by my brogues for wet weather wandering, they look nice but are sturdy as all hell xx

  22. Have a great weekend, Alex!

    How kind of the Fairy Hobmother. I would really like some zips or an iron.

  23. im a complete shoe a holic and your collection is gorgeous. i LOVE those black heeled stud boots. have a great time:) xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  24. Nine quid is a pretty damn fine price to pay and you're so lucky the Fairy Hobmother gifted you such wonderful goodies to keep you giggling on the coach. Take pics out of the window too! Shoes ... oh dear it's such a dilemma when summer can be so volatile. I would probably wear Docs and take a pair of flats in case you do some walking in the sunshine, plus some heels. But then, I don't know if you like Docs. Have a wonderful time:)

  25. Shoes are always the most difficult choice when packing!

    Have fun on your trip hun, hopefully it will be sunny for you :-)

    Nat x

  26. I hate packing also, and shoes are also a mega issue. Why can't the be pretty, versatile, waterproof AND easily fit into a small bag?!

    My biggest problem is bags though. I desperately would love a bag that I can take away that isn't too big to take out for an evening, but is big enough to shove my Kindle, phone, keys, purse, junk into. Oh and that is a colour that will go with everything, is secure and doesn't look like something I bought from an outdoors shop?

    Alex (or Fairy Hobmother come to that) PLEASE tell me you know of a magical bag?!

  27. im terrible at packing but determined to be better this year

  28. Hopefully you got great weather in Edin. It's been lovely in Glasgow all weekend. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  29. I SOOOOOO identify with this! I hate packing more than anything else!!!!(except mushrooms, they can be my ultimate nemesis still!)
    That's great the fairyhobmother is amazing! If she's listening, I've already mentioned I'd like a blender but I'm sure she's got many more important people to visit!
    I was invited to go to Edinburgh last week but decided not to in the end, so post lots of reviews please!!!

  30. I have almost no heels, purely because I have no purpose for wearing them (sadly). I hate packing for the UK, it makes planning outfits so much harder.

  31. ooh yes, i've been having a total dilemma about the shoe issue, and agree with the brogues suggestion!

    i hope you had a lovely weekend, and if the hobmother is listening, i have been wishing for a food processor ever since i discovered that trying to whisk eggs for meringue in a mini smoothie maker was not the way forward! :)

  32. Honestly, Kindles are the bestest. You won't regret it, I love mine!

  33. I tend to be quite organized in my packing - anally so. It takes me about three times as long as I expect because I'm so fussy. Gah! Just been on holiday and found unpacking far less stressful than packing!

    ENTANGLED is really good! There are a couple twists I totally saw coming, but the big one was a huge surprise! x

  34. You will be grand with Catlin Moran as your read! :) She's totally fantastic, so funny! Have a good time in Edinburgh, and don't worry too much about the weather, they don't really know anything, it's all just guessing, and I think it might not be such bad weather... Oh and packing.. yes, it's the most annoying of activities, especially when I always fly with ryanair who are such arses that they check whether your suitcase is even quarter of an inch bigger than it should be so i'm always sweating and panicking and never take anything, and then I look like a homeless person on my holiday.. oh joys :P

  35. I love packing!

    I'm horribly behind with blogs too but I kept up with your jaunt on twitter

  36. Feel your pain, I have enough trouble packing my HANDBAG for a DAY out - umbrella, sun lotion, scarf, sunglasses....

    Thanks for the shoe porn :)

  37. I love your shoes. There is NOTHING wrong with your shoe collection!!!

    Tera gold
    Tera items

  38. The books look interesting. I might have to look them up. I like Caitlin Moran, I think she wrote for the NME when she was about 16. She seems like a cool chick. x

  39. Eep your shoe collection is divine!

  40. Faaab shoe collection - and yes I have been living out my suitcase this summer, but each time I have to pack it I almost have a breakdown.

    Let me know what you think of Caitlin's book - had so many recommendations to buy it but yet to do so!

  41. omg you have the irrgular choice can can lucky cat shoes. I have searched everywhere for them. please can you tell me where you got them. Thank you.


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