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Friday, 7 October 2011

Double whammy here - not only am I wearing burgundy, a colour I haven't ever worn before that I can remember, but I'm also looking at the camera instead of my feet in at least half of the photos. Wonders will never cease.

I like these chinos an awful lot. Clearly the way forward with scary colours is to wear them on my lower half. Yes, I know I'm probably the only person in the world who think burgundy and purple and suchlike are "scary" but they really drain me out if I wear them next to my face so I've fallen into the habit of just avoiding them full stop.

I LOVE this bag. Love it.

Jumper & ring - Dorothy Perkins
Chinos & bag - Primark
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Bangle - vintage

Thanks for all the novel writing encouragement! It's progressing ok but is properly clobbering my free time, hence the less wordy blog posts - I just don't have time to be creative on here as well! I'm slightly behind schedule and had a bit of a panicky meltdown the other night when I just couldn't write anything but I reckon I'm back on track now. It's slightly surprising me how many things I'm having to check during the process of writing - they include:

Norwegian names
Ipads (because I am POOR and don't have one of my own)
Shamefully emotastic bands
Tattoos on men (oh that was such a hardship)

I love a bit of research though so it's all been quite good fun really. However if anyone speaks Norwegian, do please let me know...


  1. You look fab and well done at looking down the lens, I know how hard that one can be.
    Your jumper is gorgeous.

    P.s. I think we all have colours we're scared of wearing. I find it really hard to wear bright shades of pink and have to really talk myself into it.

  2. I love that colour on you, I've always been scared of pale colours as I look like the bride of frankenstein.
    My cousin lives in Norway & his wife is Norwegian. :-)

  3. I love the bag, instantly I was drawn to its tapestry/carpet print and general Mary Poppins feel, it’s very you indeed and I wouldn’t have even guessed it was Primark. I shy away from wearing a lot of colours too. I rely far too much on blacks and greys, when really there’s a whole host of colours to experiment with. You look great, the burgundy chinos really do suit you xxx

  4. Sorry, this is going to be horribyly shallow, but...... SHOES!

    Alex. One day, I'm going to come, I'm going to burgle your shoe collection, then I'm going to leave the country and spend my days gazing at my ill-gotten shoes! Just to give you a heads up.

    Those shoes are to frickin die for! And I'm loving burgundy on you, definitely the way to go, keeping it on your lower half if you find it washes you out. Burgundy + Grey + Alex = hot.

  5. This outfit is lovely. Top, cute. Trousers, lovely. Ring, on my shopping list. Bag, gorgeous. Shoes, lush.
    Good luck with your novel... I'm in awe x

  6. You should look at the camera more often, you look great!

  7. Now that is bizarre, I picked that jumper up at last week's jumble and thought of you immediately then put it back when I saw it was a 16.
    I've never worn burgundy either, it was the uniform of the rough comprehensive school and it put me off. You look great, the bag is marvellous. x

  8. Loving the whole outfit but the shoes - divine!

  9. I did mean the shoes are divine :-)

  10. Love the burgundy! And its even better that your bag matches, nicely done! :)

  11. That's the coolest bag in the world. I saw a similar one today with a squirrel pattern on. Amazing

  12. You have the best shoe collection ever, very jealous. The burgundy suits you too, you shouldn't shy away from it.

    People often think I look Norwegian. Unfortunately I'm just Scottish! Only Norwegian I know is "takk" which is "thanks".

  13. Love the burgundy chinos, the colour really suits you! x

  14. I adore that bag, sadly my feelings about the P store means it will never be mine! You are really rocking the coloured trews lately, I really need to give that trend a try. Good luck with the Norwegian names! xx

  15. Love this outfit Alex! I've been rocking my burgundy jeans the past day or so, and that jumper goes so well with your chinos! I also feel you could DEFINITELY rock a burgundy lipstick, despite what you say about it washing you out.
    I'm really hoping you will at least post an extract from your book on here after the month is out?

    xxx Maddie

  16. You look fab, the trousers look great!

    Adoring the bag and shoes.

    X x

  17. You look cute in that outfit, those pants are really nice. That bag is great I do love that.
    Nice to see your face too ;0)
    Kandi x

  18. those chinos look great on you and that bag is cracking! Be careful you don't overdo it while getting your novel written x

  19. I love that outfit, so pretty. I think burgundy is a fabulous colour that almost anyone looks good in, you of course are no exception.
    Having learnt that that bag is from Primark I really really must get down there soon! So pretty!

    Much Love

  20. I love the Primark chinos - I've got them in bright blue & my sister's got the green ones you've got - & we've both been practically living in the grey ones. They're just SO easy to wear.
    I saw them in this colour the other week & literally pounced on them in the shop, ready to add them to my collection. But no size 12s :(
    Every time anyone in my family has gone into town, I've asked them to look for me 'just in case' - but no luck. Gutted. I NEED burgundy chinos in my life. I really do!
    I am very jealous of everybody that owns them - so that includes you.

    I also need that bag. I didn't know it till I saw this post, but now I've seen it, I need it!
    Didn't occur to me for a split-second that it was anything other than vintage, so was REALLY surprised to read it's from Primark! Definitely be keeping an eye out for that too.. to go with my burgundy chinos.. which will be mine, one day!

  21. The shape of those trousers is perfect! They suit you so much! Hope you are well!

  22. I adore this outfit on you, those shoes are divine!

    Maria xxx

  23. Love this outfit so much Alex - think it's one of my favourites of yours. The trousers really suit you - the colour is great! Love the birdy top too.

    Glad to hear the novel writing is going well... if you need any firsthand iPad knowledge I'm your girl! ;) x

  24. Read Jo Nesbo, he is a Norwegian Crime Writer, great reads and should give you a bit of background.

  25. Writing does drain time away like you wouldn't believe. So excited you're trying to get a novel done, though! And I'm no tech expert but I do have an iPad (wedding present, score!) so if you need any firsthand answers...

  26. Lovely outfit, I have this bag! I have the same one but haven't used it yet....was contemplating using it for decorative purposes at home xxx

  27. Hey gorgeous, I love everything in this look, the sweater, the chinos and the bag, and the colouring is lovely. Burgundy is my favourite colour of the moment xxx


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