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Monday, 27 February 2012

I'm back! Not that you'll have missed me, but I have really felt the lack of bloggage recently and I'm sorry for it. February is always a fully ridiculous month in terms of work/life balance though and life is only just starting to take back over.

How better to ease back than with an outfit post? Nice and simple, green and with some Irregular Choice shoes. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

Dress - AX Paris via charity shop
Blouse - present from Vix
Shoes - Irregular Choice, Christmas present from Char
. I have wanted these FOREVER. She is fricking awesome.

How did the hair get so ginormous? Princess Leia(ish) buns, that's how:

Don't quite have the guts to go out like this normally...

Anyway gang, what's new with you? Have I missed anything good during the stupid month of being stupidly busy?


  1. I love that green blouse. What's new, um, after years of lurking I finally started my own blog! I'm sorry that's such a shameless plug. I won't do that again I promise! Good to have you back :) xx

  2. I missed you. And I'm pleased your back. Hope you're Feb of busyness hasn't been too chaotic. Mine has been long. And tiring. And I'm glad it's March this week.

    Loving the blouse and the dress and the shoes. Looking rather fabulous querida mia. How's the topshop tunic thing? Pleased?

  3. Oh I love this green look, it's a colour that really suits you isn't it? I for one have missed you, so there!!!
    The blouse is lush and I adore the shoes. Moved to West Sussex recently and went to Brighton last week and stumbled across the Irregular Choice shop. If ONLY I could wear heels.........
    e back love
    x x

  4. Oops sorry for last line. x x x

  5. you and green go together so well, those shoes...! Love the Princess Leia style hair x

  6. You must wear your hair in those buns more often, they look great!
    Those shoes are fab-u-lous! I think I am (Irregular Choice) green with envy; but, like Gem, don't get on with high heels!
    It's grand to have you back lass!
    Z xx

  7. I love your hair in buns like that!

  8. You manage to choose the LOVELY irregular choice shoes.

    I must admit I'm often a little scared when I see their name pop up in blog posts otherwise, given that so many of them appear to be designed by some kind of evil mastermind - "Hmmm, yes, lets have pale green perspex heel, orange and blue plaid with a picture of an orang-utan or a seahorse and, yes, yes, I know, a plastic 99 flake. And lets add some dalmation fur on the inside, but give it an open toe and rubber laces. The bloggers will kick each other to death for these! Mwahahahaha!"

    And breathe. Sorry. I've had some bad experiences in Schuh. I think maybe I don't cope very well with shoes. Or feet.

  9. I wasn't being sarky, by the way. I do like your froggy shoes. Less is more. And those lovely teal IC ones you have too.

  10. Oh my, the shoes, the shoes!! Frogs are my favourite - frogs on shoes? Genius. I have shoe envy now! Damn you women! ;) xo

  11. Those shoes are great! I think I might need to stalk them on eBay and get my own!

  12. Glad your back hun as I've missed your posts loads! Loving the green. As for thoses shoes..... Tre chic!

    X x

  13. welcome back. I adore that gorgeous blouse under your dress. looking fab Alex x

  14. You look really sexy in the last picture! Hot to trot chick! xx

  15. Yaaaaay! I love the froggy shoes, Char is awesome! If they had thicker heels I would chop my toes off.
    Work ruins all the fun.

  16. Of course I missed you! (And no response to my tag questions after I slaved over them for so long!!! ;-) )
    Niiiiiiice ICs- nice and low and a great colour!
    I like that shirt and the buns are great!

  17. I spy a pussy bow!! AND fab shoes!Green with envy!
    ha,I love the word moist.....XXX

  18. Great to see you again. Alex! That blouse is fabulous on you! I often wear my hair like that when the weather gets warmer, it's so easy to do.

  19. Thought I'd missed you! Glad you are back. :)
    Love the pinafore look with the blouse. And amazing shoes!!!
    Think we've all had times where life gets in the way of blogging, one of thoese things.

  20. Glad to see you back, those shoes are amazing, and the fact they are green means they have you written all over them! xxx

  21. I love those shoes! also the blouse actually. green = fab!

  22. Those shoes are simply amazing!

  23. If only I could wear heels...those shoes are out of this world. Jen x

  24. Oh, I've missed you Alex!

    Those shoes are gorgeous.

  25. i love that green blouse !
    and that we are wardrobe twins.


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