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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Let me tell you about a little quirk of fate that I like to call Alex's Law. It goes like this: you get vouchers for a shop and immediately there is NOTHING in there that you want to buy.

(Subsection 1 of Alex's Law: you often get vouchers for shops that you don't venture into very often.)

I won some Next vouchers a year or two ago and despite the fact that everyone else in the world (and blogland) had just bought an amazing bag/shirt/pair of shoes from Next, there was absolutely nothing I wanted to buy when I stepped foot in there. I think I shopped on a bad day - it seemed to be all sensible workwear and I just don't do workwear.  I don't know how this happens to me but I must have bad shopping karma or something.  Bet there was tons of lovely stuff in there the week after.

I didn't wait that long.  I cannot be patient with vouchers.  I know full well that the sensible thing to do is leave them in your purse and spend them another day/month/year if nothing catches your eye at first, but I have to spend them STRAIGHT AWAY.  So after flouncing round the store moaning a lot, I bought this jacket in a fit of pique and then begrudged the thing for ages. Really begrudged it. Poor jacket.

(I know this is odd behaviour.  Subsection 2 of Alex's Law: vouchers make you act like a crazy lady.)

I wore it on Tuesday and, y'know what, I really love it.  Tweed with wooden buttons, a cord collar and elbow patches - it could practically have been designed to appeal to me.  I am going to wear it a lot this autumn.  Why did I hate it for so long? I refer you to subsection 2 above.  The craziness clearly took a long time to wear off...

I bought these beauties at Bestival.  So cute!

Jacket - Next
Tshirt & cardi - H&M
Jeans & scarf - Dorothy Perkins
Brogues - M&S Limited Collection
Earrings - Wolf and Moon


  1. Ha I've been a victim of Alex's Law in the past. Another quirk of it is that you receive vouchers for a shop you spent like £100 in the week before and although you haven't worn any of the clothes yet you HAVE taken all the tags off ... and now there's nothing else left in said shop that you like.

    That jacket is very you though so it must be reassuring to see that even through the voucher craze haze you managed to pick out something nice!


    1. very nice! reminds me of Matt SMiths Dr Who. You should wear it with a bow tie or fez because they are cool xx

  2. I carry a small plastic card holder in my bag and put all vouchers and coupons in there. REGULARLY I go through and ensure that they are in date order- and if there is an expiry date I mark it clearly with fluorescent post-it. That way I don't miss out on spending because they expired.
    I did keep an M&S voucher for 18 months once, but the green shoes I got in the end are fabulous and get compliments whenevr worn.
    LOVE your jacket btw!

    blessings xx

  3. i love this jacket on you! I bet it will be really remixable too! i bet it would look really nice with a dress too! i often have the same luck with vouchers... i call its sods law lol! xx

  4. I really like the jacket and it is a very YOU item!
    It's true about needing to spend vouchers right away, I wish I was one of those who could save them up and be able to afford something epic with them.

  5. Haha I always get there, I used to get Topshop vouchers at my old work if I exceed my targets, and never found anything when I had them (always had to spend them the very next day). Poor jacket, it's lovely one!xx

  6. Awesome jacket! They have a really similar one in Zara right now that I've been drooling over... That first law is so true! (and the second actually...) I got a Topshop voucher for my birthday and I somehow still have it 6 weeks later - their tall range is so blah right now I can't bring myself to buy something just for the sake of it... :)

  7. I love the jacket - how could it have lain neglected for so long? Great colours in the weave and it looks fab on you.

    Nikki x

  8. It's gorgeous and it's very you, I'm shocked you hated it!
    I have Alex's voucher/discount code bad luck thing too, meh...

  9. Aw man, I nearly bought those brogues about 8 times. In fact, I might even have bought them and returned them. Either way, they look cute. I totally subscribe to Alex's law of vouchers. However, I tend to keep them until I do find something I like. I'm of the opinion that Next sucks and just woos the beejesus out of certain bloggers and, like you, I never find the 'good' stuff in there. They have the odd goodie from time to time. x

  10. I love the jacket! I don't think next lay ot their shops in the best way, I never like anything in the actual shop, but i've got tons of next stuff from charity shops - it just needs a different context.

  11. I LOVE this jacket on you, I totally get voucher craziness too! P.S. We are shoe twins! :)

    Maria xxx

  12. Don't be mean to that jacket or I shall have to report you for neglect and it will be taken into custody (where it will be adopted by moi!!!! Ha ha!). I do know about the voucher thing though- I am terrible at actually spending them!

  13. I swear family members buy me Next vouchers because they know I bloody do not like the shop. I spent twenty flipping quid on a big fluffy pj covering top because it was the only thing I could find that I didn't hate. (Has been worn a heck of a lot though).

  14. Forgot to say, while expelling my angst, that I do in fact LOVE that jacket. Marvellousness indeed.

  15. I do not see the appeal of Next at all, which goes against what the majority of people around here think (and possibly part of the reason for me hating it). I go in and it's all boring work-wear and stuff I wouldn't even look twice at, never-mind pick up. Their kid girls section is another story, that design team deserve an award, the adults designers deserve to be sacked! I only spend a fortune in there on my friends little girls, they have beautiful quirky dresses and separates with personality and it's stuff I'd totally wear now.

  16. I am the same with vouchers. I had bravissimo vouchers from Christmas that I only managed to spend in July. I mean, a bra?! It can't be that hard to choose one can it? Apparently so though... Love the brogues.

  17. You are hilarious! Alex' Law is also Helga's Law!!!
    Doesn't it just give you the shits?!
    That jacket,however,is frigging awesoem, so you must have had some sort of angelic thang going on!!! I love it, and I suspect you'll wear the shit out of it!XXX

  18. Ooooh this look! Tweed jacket is fab :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  19. Great jacket! I can't keep vouchers for longer than about 3 weeks. Have vouchers, will shop - no matter what I end up coming home with!

  20. Lovely Jacket, I actually feel for it, given that subsection of Alex's law took so long to wear off!

    Allow me also to introduce you to Chloe's Law- the Spending Act- If you have some disposable income and become intent upon spending some of this income, you shall automatically not be able to find a single thing to buy. Upon reversed circumstances, when one is brassic/shouldn't be shopping there shall automatically be at least half a dozen things you long for.

  21. You have the best taste in tweedy clothing Alex, I hope the jacket forgives you! xxx


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