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Mary Poppins

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I love Mary Poppins.

It all started with the books. I could give you chapter and verse about how the Mary Poppins of the books is not the same as the film version (in short: much snarkier and much better) but basically, just go and read them and discover their glory for yourself. I'm always amazed by the amount of people who've never picked them up. They're brilliant.

Then the film, obviously. It inspired a deep love of chimney sweeps and rooflines.

Then, back in the day when the Disney Store still sold Mary Poppins things (hoping this day will come again now that Saving Mr Banks is due out), I got the mug:

I picked up my beloved locket from Etsy a few years ago. So simple and so beautiful.

And now I have the tshirt!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tshirt c/o Brag Vintage

I can merrily browse the interent forever in search of the perfect Mary Poppins goodies but I am fussy about what I like. Etsy is proving fruitful at the moment (more on this in a future post) but I'm currently saving my pennies to cover the customs charges on this Spoonflower Mary Poppins fabric. It has to be purchased in the near future. I'd be scared to cut into it but I must have it!

It also comes in colour but I think I prefer the black and white.

My dream item (other than the carpet bag) would be the tape measure. Alas I fear it would not say practically perfect in every way. It'd be more along the lines of this:



  1. The FABRIC ALEX, THE FABRIC THE FABRIC THE FABRIC! Sorry, I just got my sewing machine back and am on the hunt for some new patterns and fabrics to work with on some of the colder wetter days we're now getting.

    Also, shamefully, never thought of reading Mary Poppins *rushes off to look for copies*

  2. THAT tape measure! I'd forgotten all about it :) I have to watch this now x

  3. I used to borrow the books from the library when I was a kid, so unlike all my other favourites from that time I've not reread them as an adult. Except for one, which I got specially for PL Travers to sign at a talk she did at some book festival. Of course she was very old by then, but I was the only child there! Still, she was very nice when she signed my book :)

  4. pretty much obsessed with this film/book as a kid and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I saw the lilac horse she rides in Florida Disney as a kid and stared at it for ages trying to figure out how to take it home and Dorothys slippers but they were in glass cases :(

  5. I think I read them all when I was younger and was miffed they didn't include the twins in the film. the locket is very pretty!x

  6. I didn't know there were Mary Poppins books! The film is one of my most favourite things everrrrrrrr

  7. LOVE Poppins - books AND film [I am old, read books before film cam eout] Looking forward to Emma Thompson in "Saving Mr Banks" next month [all about Travers v. Disney!]
    blessings xx

  8. That locket is so pretty. I'm really not a fan of MP (I know, I know!), I actually....dislike it. Ouch! I do love a bit of good ol' Dick Van Dyke though, lol!

  9. Mary Poppins is one of my all time favorites too! Can't wait to see the new film. Have you been to see the stage show?

  10. I'm a Poppins fan, can't wait to see the new film!

  11. Oooh, I missed this post!!! Sorry about that!!! Lots of lovely things here. I knew about the books as they were in my school library when I was little but I think I only ever glanced at 'Mary poppins in the park' and never read any of them but always meant to. I had no idea about the new film!!


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