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A Day at the Races

Friday, 4 April 2014

As you may be able to tell from the backdrop of these photos, I went to the races yesterday. I love racing and I love Aintree. There's no other place quite like it. Even though it wasn't Ladies Day (that's today), everyone was still dressed up to the nines. It's Liverpool: we don't need an excuse to frock up.

However, in the space of about 50 yards, I saw three girls in the exact same dress. It was a very pretty dress and clearly wasn't from Primark or anywhere like that, but ooof, you don't want to get glammed up for the races only to discover you look like everyone else, do you?

I didn't have that problem. I made my dress from a curtain. There wasn't going to be anyone else wearing this!

This is yet another Simplicity 2444 - I'm not bored of it yet! I fell in love with this fabric solely because it reminds me of some orange floral curtains that lived in the house I grew up in. It came in a massive chunk from ebay. I think it was about £15 for almost 5 yards and there's loads left to make some actual curtains with. Woop!

There are many, many shades of yellow, orange and green in this fabric but I wanted the detailing to match the daffodils which I'd centred the bodice around, so I went for a pretty lemon yellow satin ribbon and bias binding.

The pretty yellow shoes and cute clutch bag are totally not the same shade of yellow as the dress details but what the hell. They kinda match each other and they go with some of the dress, even if it's not the daffodils. The colours below are a wee bit iffy though - the photos above are a better idea of what they actually look like.

Dress - handmade
Blazer - Warehouse via charity shop
Bag - Jacques Vert via charity shop
Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale
Flats - Koah 'Ginny'

Look at my enormous bet. Ha! This was the one day I should have done a placepot. Everything I picked came in the first three but I wasn't betting each way, wah wah wah... I would have won about a squillion pounds with a placepot. Damn it.

I had a very lovely day out with my Dad though and that's the main thing. He gets special credit for taking my outfit photos, although not so much credit for making me giggle and pull ridiculous faces. No idea what I'm doing here!


  1. Clever you(just perfect for spring, love the colorfulflorals:),Alex!


  2. That is a fabulous frock Alex! Gorgeous material - and YOU made it. Winner all round.

  3. Fab frock, gorgeous fabric and it looks wonderful on you. How vile to be seen in the same frock as everyone else.

  4. Hi there - beautiful dress - I've just found your blog and found it really inspiring, especially your weight-loss tips. Will drop in agin. Judy. (I read, I sewed, I crocheted).

  5. Yay for the trusty 2444!

  6. You look bloomin gorgeous here Alex, yellow really is your colour!

    Maria xxx

  7. You look fantastic for the races! So awesome that your dress was made from a curtain! So perfect! You are right no one else would be wearing it, which makes it better!!



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