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Easter Frolics

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter everyone!

Today is my one day of liberty over the mini-break and I'm planning on a day of football, films and time with friends. Kinda envy all of you who have four days to loaf around eating chocolate! I was volunteering all day yesterday and we're back there all day tomorrow, then I spent Good Friday working. Ah well, it might be tiring but it's all good fun. 

Plus, y'know, volunteering as a fence judge = PICNICS. What's not to love about that?

This is what I wore on Good Friday. It's my most appropriate frock for this time of year.  Not exactly the most springlike colour in the world but the print more than makes up for it. The debate still rumbles on as to whether they're bunnies or hares but today I vote bunny.

Isn't this brooch utterly tremendous? It was a birthday present from Steph. She rocks.

Dress - People Tree sale
Shirt - gift, Matalan
Pumps - TK Maxx
Brooch - gift


  1. Happy Easter Alex. I hope you had a good one.

    X x

  2. Such a cute dress, bunny-hare print and all! Hope you're enjoying your busy weekend x

  3. I am going with it's a hare given the size of the ears ;)

  4. I think they look like hares, too. It's all in the ears :)

  5. The ears are long- hares/!?!?!
    So cute, I really like it! Knew my comment the other day hadn't saved! Do you know what, I went and had a look at your archives and saw your 12 days of Christmas giveaway from your first year of blogging and it was blooming brilliant!!! You are so clever!!!x

  6. You look lovely here, this dress is beyond cute!

    Maria xxx

  7. Fabulous dress! Sadly my Irregular Choice bunny heels didn't get an outing this Easter but I tend to wear them at non-spring times too as they aren't quite as seasonal as my Santa pair! That brooch is wonderful too.


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