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Mmmm, Poppity

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I like crisps. Crisps are goooooood.

Am I a crisp connoisseur though? Not really. Food allergies rule that out as a career option for me.

On a related note, I'd still love for someone within the food industry to explain why they feel it necessary to put milk in so many varieties of salt & vinegar crisps. Whyyyyyyyyyyy????  But I digress. I'm talking about Popchips today. These are not your standard crisp.

They do put milk in some of their flavours btw but were most excellent when it came to sending me some samples to try. I got all the varieties that I could eat and none of the ones that would make me ill, hurrah!

That meant I could carry out a serious scientific experiment (aka shovelling Popchips into my gob at a hasty rate) and I'm pleased to report that these are definitely my favourite chip of the popped variety. Much nicer than the Walkers ones, more substantial than the Sainsburys own version and they even beat out my previous favourite, the nice crunchy M&S ones. Yum!

I do like it when I discover a new favourite. The pepper ones are especially delicious. Gorgeous spicy aftertaste!

It was v. sweet of them to include this useful little clip but seriously guys, who leaves half a bag of crisps lying around? Not me! I'm guessing not any of you either.  I'll have to press it into service on something boring like cereal.



  1. I love popchips so much! So happy you can eat them too, I would hate for anyone to be missing out!

  2. I too love these, they are so so nice. We had them in a huge sample box a while ago and the whole family raved about them.

    X x

  3. they sound good! I'm not fussed about crisps usually, sweets are more my thing x


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