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Potter, Peter & Puddleduck

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Another day, another rediscovered dress...

I hadn't forgotten about this Beatrix Potter dress exactly. You can't really forget that Peter Rabbit is living in your wardrobe, can you? It's more that it was lurking in the sad end of my wardrobe with the size 12 dresses that sort of fitted at one point and now definitely don't fit. It's worth trying them on every now and then though, just to see if they surprise you.

This did! Ok, it could do with being a bit less tight over my dreaded lower stomach area but at some point in my life I need to stop caring about that. It ain't going away without a tummy tuck. I did have to do a bit of a mincey wiggle around the office all day due to the fit of it but that's probably partly due to the style. I never wear shift dresses so I'm not used to having my legs confined like that.

It's been almost two years since I last blogged it and considering I haven't dieted since then, I don't think the fit looks that much different. Bit tighter, yes, but if a handmade shift dress still fits you then things aren't too bad.

Dress - handmade, mostly by Char with some feeble assistance by me
Cardi - Debenhams
Shoes - Irregular Choice Baby Beauty, gift.


  1. Fitted frocks are very flattering on you, Alex(gorgeous:)!


  2. Thats an amazing dress and shoes too. Plus you look fab in it hun.

    X x

  3. that cardigan is too cute - I love it!!

  4. I've been waiting for you to re-wear this for ages! (well two years apparently!) it is still really really cute!x

  5. Oh gosh Alex. You know this is my favourite dress of yours ever (for obvious Beatrix Potter reasons), Those shoes are pretty wonderful too ;)
    See you soon xxx

  6. This dress is amazing! I absolutely love it and it looks completely awesome on you, especially paired with that cute cardigan and those shoes. You must promise to bring it out more often! :) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  7. Love those boots, very neutral for IC and they would go with loads. I avoid shifts and bodycon for the exact same reason. Even after losing weight I have flab so not comfortable wearing tight things yet. Nobody ever really tells you that when you lose weight you wont look how you want, rather depressing.

  8. I love this dress, it is so pretty on you and looks AWESOME with that cardigan! My weight is fluctuating loads at the moment, not good for my self esteem :(

    Maria xxx

  9. The print is sooo pretty, as is the whole dress. Perfect with those shoes too.


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