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Yay for Yellow

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Spring always seems to equal pastels. As a paler-than-pale person, I'm not generally a big fan (obvious exception made for minty green).  I need no help looking washed out!

Sometimes you just fancy wearing a lot of yellow though, don't you?  Well, I do.  It's pretty.

No point over-analysing clothes when all you need to say is: they're pretty and I like them.

Yay for yellow!

Dress - Dorothy Perkins sale
Cardi - Debenhams
Pumps - Koah


  1. So pretty! That cardigan is gorgeous, I need it in my life! I love yellow. :)

  2. Ohh, I do like the umbrella design, but I would prefer in blue. I don't really know how to wear yellow...

  3. Love this cardigan! And the whole outfit actually. Know what you mean about yellow - I have very similar colouring to you, and struggle with yellows and pale colours. The only yellow that really suits me is an egg-yolky colour.


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    Kisses from Italy

  5. First of all, you look so good in yellow! Not everyone does. The cardigan is beyond adorable!^^

  6. This is such a fab outfit and colour on you, I love yellow but only very specific shades work on me, WOE!

    Maria xxx

  7. That cardigan is so cute! I'm not much of a yellow fan...can't think of anything in my wardrobe that colour actually, but my sister would wear and live in yellow forever!

  8. You look so awesome in yellow- I have to confess a total irrational loathing of yellow and orange, which is annoying as it seems to look so good on so many people.


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