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A New Old Frock

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Yes. It's me. Wearing clothes!

Feels like about a million years since I've done an outfit post...

I bought this frock when shopping with Char a few weeks ago. It looks like an absolute sack on the hanger and I was expecting nothing from it but I liked the print an awful lot and it's always worth trying these things on, isn't it? Imagine the look of surprise on my face when it a) fitted and b) looked nice. That never happens!

Not convinced it photographs quite as well as it looks in real life but it's excellent fun to wear. It sort of pretends to be a bit of a 40s day dress with the floral print and the pleats in the skirt but then it's all HELLO with the mad 70s collar and polyester.

Pretty, isn't it? 

Also any chance to bust out heeled brogues is most welcome. They're amazing and they're too pretty to languish in a shoe rack all summer. Plus, ribbon on footwear = epic.

Dress - vintage
Cardi - Monsoon sale
Seamed tights - Marks & Spencer
Heeled brogues - New Look
Pearls - BoBijou


  1. I LOVE everything about that dress Alex, snazzy cardigan too! x

  2. That's luvverly -- the print reminds me of Cecil Beaton drawings too

  3. I love the dress but am insanely in love with THE SHOES.

  4. It's gorgeous!


  5. I almost bought the same cardie in the sale! The dress is v pretty too!!! X

  6. So pretty Alex and a perfect fit. Loving the design and colour.

    X x

  7. Ooh I love a good floral print, this is so pretty! :)

  8. absolutely love the dress but WOW.... those shoes, them!

  9. Yaay - it looks fab!!
    I've not even unpacked any of my shopping from that day yet - I'm a disgrace!

  10. Wowww
    you look adorable
    I love your dress
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  11. That's so pretty! You look gorgeous. x

  12. It's fab Alex - we all know every dress has a secret life.
    Hope rennovations are going well and you're not swamped in plaster/dust/paint... the wait will be worth it! xxx

  13. Fantastic collar - it really suits you and you look great! Wishing you and the house the very very best! xx

  14. This dress is awesome, I love that jazzy collar!

    Maria xxx

  15. Ah your tights are cool! What I hate is when you think something looks MASSIVE and sack like on the hanger then it properly fits you or worse is a little tight, doh!


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