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Be A Bear

Thursday, 21 August 2014

You might have seen this snazzy little saying doing the rounds recently.

I'm not on board with it. Unicorns are magic and all, that's got to be fun, but they're also super graceful and pure and seem to do little except hang round in woods with virgins. Hmmm. Not really my style that, I've got to be honest.  Also they're basically just horses with horns. I'd rather just be a horse.

Actually, I'd rather be a bear.

Bears are cool. They look all cute and fluffy but they're secretly ferocious.  No-one gives bears any shit.  And they get to hibernate! God, I'd love to go to sleep for six months.

Jumper - c/o Logon Style
Jeggings - Primark
Boots - Shoezone
Rings - Dorothy Perkins

In conclusion: bears are good. Be a bear. Roar.



  1. I love this jumper so much! And the last photo is brilliant. Have to agree, bears are pretty wonderful. - Tasha xxx

  2. Haha, I love Despicable Me, so I'm all about the unicorns. Bears: also awesome.

  3. I've not dropped by your blog in aggggges- and have just re-found you. Loving the snazzy new layout- it looks great. And, my goodness, the bear jumper. You cannot beat a bear.

  4. I would be an owl, looking all cute and fluffy but could rip your face off if I wanted, haha! ;)

    Maria xxx

  5. Bears are awesome. Love this top.x

  6. I love your blog! (Even more so when I found out you're from Liverpool - as am I) :)
    Hayley x

  7. See I kinda get annoyed that unicorns are 'in' and cool just now because I loved them back when nobody gave a crap about them! It does mean I get loads of unicorn merch, which is both a blessing and a curse : )


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