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Vintage Shopping in Liverpool...The Vintage Corner

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hands up if you like a good vintage shop.

Yup, thought so! Me too, although I'm sure that won't come as a surprise to anyone.

Liverpool isn't brilliantly off for them, to be honest. Raiders closed down a while ago and although there are a few decent little shops, I have to do most of my rummaging in charity shops and at the odd vintage fair. We've got quite a few of the latter, it's just finding time to actually attend them that's the problem for me at the moment!

I paid a visit to Waterloo last weekend to see my dad, watch all of the X Men films and take in the delights of St John's Road. There are some fab shops starting up down there and after buying a lot of delicious cake at the newly(ish) opened Caz's Kitchen, we went for a wander around The Vintage Corner. Also new, also amazing!

Cheryl and Alison own and run the shop and they're girls after my own heart. They were both having great fun unpacking and trying on a new batch of stock when I was there - instant coat envy as an Aquascutum cape appeared out of the bag!

Oh so many pretty things in stock.

Also props to me for inadvertently paying my first visit when they were having a sale.  My timing is never usually that good!  I had a whale of a time trying on all the things that took my fancy.

Alas that gorgeous swirly green patterned frock was far too small for me otherwise it'd so be in my wardrobe right now. I bought other things though. Obviously.

Want a sneaky peek of my purchases? It turns out I really can't resist a good sale rail and came away with two tops and two frocks which I'm sure will feature in upcoming outfit posts very soon.

Oh and this beauty, although it won't technically be mine till Christmas as Dad has bought it for me as a present.


  1. That looks a great little shop. I love those tantalising peeks you've given us of the rails and that paisley blazer is to die for. Nice one, Dad! xxx

  2. I haven't been vintage shopping for ages. That shop looks like an absolute treasure trove. Really need to scout some out in my local area ;o) xx

  3. I haven't been down that way for ages. I always find the charity shops really good in Waterloo so I will definitely arrange a shopping trip to that locality pronto!

  4. How can you wait till Christmas to wear that, it is devine! I want the green swirly dress!

  5. Great coat, I'm not usually too fond of paisley but it looks nice here.

  6. Love the coat, it looks gorgeous, the colour is amazing - Tasha xxx

  7. Wow, I bet you can't wait for Christmas!

  8. Love that last picture - what fabulous colours.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  9. I wish we had better vintage shopping in Newcastle, just a few shops that are super small.
    I love that jacket, I bet Christmas seems a million miles away :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  10. I haven't been vintage shopping in AGES!

    Maria xxx


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