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Friday, 5 September 2014

Let me hit you with an early 90s video game analogy. Life at the moment feels very much like this:

Chaotic and in serious danger of piling up and crashing around my ears.

I'm trying not to be self-pitying, I'm just exhausted and can't remember the last time I had more than about twenty minutes to sit down and simply do nothing. It's a constant cycle of work, decorating, home, sleep, work, decorating, home, sleep...  Work is bonkers. It's always bonkers but we are chronically short-staffed and things keep piling up and piling up so that no matter how hard I try, I never get to the end of a to-do list.

The only things saving me from going completely off the wall are the fact that the house is slowly, slowly getting there (more on this next week) and that three days a week I have to ignore the raging chaos and go and look after Monty.

Non-horsey people probably don't get it. Life with horses definitely ain't glamorous. It's often cold,  wet and distinctly smelly and even in the summer when the weather is kind, it's pretty much always tiring.  So why is it helping me maintain my sanity? Mostly because when I'm at the farm, I have to concentrate on Mr M and Rocky. There's no brain space for fretting about stuff left undone at work or the fact that I should probably be wallpapering the house instead or that I'm (as usual) running late for something else.  It's pony time.

He stresses me out when he's being an idiot but mostly he's adorable. How you can not fall in love with a horse that:

Is ridiculously cute and tries to help push the barrow when you're poo picking the fields. Wrong end though, Mont.

Kisses with his eyes closed.

Loves drinking from the hosepipe, despite being afraid of killer puddles on the ground.

And who is the handsomest pony in all the land.

Then on a lovely autumnal evening like last night we can go for a blast around the stubble fields and have a jolly good time.  I defy anyone to feel anything other than sheer, unadulterated enjoyment when they're galloping on a lovely horse with the wind in their face and the sun on their back.


  1. Oh gosh he's gorgeous! I miss riding. Make sure you spend some time just relaxing (I know how hard that is), your brain needs a break.

  2. Just relax if you need to. I feel like I'm in a cycle of work, sleep, work, sleep. I work two jobs, a college course: just relax. I try to spend twenty minutes reading an evening.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Oh Alex, sounds like everything is swamping you at the moment. Glad you've got Monty to keep you sane. What a handsome fella.
    *dies of jealousy that you get to gallop on stubble fields*

  4. Alex, life has this annoying habit of pulling us in all directions until things pile up - just like that Tetris sequence, I agree. There is definitely joy and escapism though. Monty looks like such a handsome chap. I can't wait to see the house update. Good things always come to those who wait. Fact xxx

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