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Rediscovering the Cape

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

One of the many good things about moving house is that I'm rediscovering all my clothes.

There are many bad things though. I can't find anything. I have 6 massive Ikea bags full of ironing to do. Most crucially at the moment, I forgot to take my long mirror with me and I basically have no idea what I look like when I leave the house. I'm retrieving said mirror this evening (hurrah!) but the lack of it has been felt today. I did not realise this dress was so short!!

Cape though! Capey, capey cape. I haven't worn this for months and I do love it so. One of my better charity shop purchases.

Also you can hide in it. Always fun!

Goes rather well with my also-forgotten but rather gorgeous heels, doesn't it?!

Cape - charity shop
Cardi - Gap
Dress - Primark
Block heels - Matalan


  1. Loving capey! The weave and colours are great. x

  2. I love that tartan cape - the cool colours are lovely.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Golly I know what you mean, I can't understand people that actually live without full length mirrors! At uni there was one between all the Halls and luckily, it was on our floor as you went out the door. We made sure our house had one for the next 3 years! Albeit, it was kinda wonky and too heavy for the wall, so sat at a slant, but at least we knew our knickers weren't showing etc! I need to get a cape, this one is lovely.

  4. I don't have a proper full length mirror - I have one which you can kind of see the full length of your outfit if you stand in a particular part of the hallway at a weird angle. I always just assume I look a state.

  5. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape! ;) xxx

  6. Oh my word that Cape is exquisite. So much so my phone autocorrected and capitalised it!

  7. I love capes, except when it's windy and their almost as bad as dresses I find. Also ivemade the. Short dress mistake lots, especially on holiday. When some hotels don't seem to like long mirrors


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