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Feeling Sad

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Although I've always been the soft sap who gets leaky-eyed at sporting triumphs and moments of high excitement, I've never been much of a crier. In fact, I always thought I was pretty stoic. The sort of person who if they do ever need a bit of a weepy vent, would rather go and lock themselves in a cupboard than hug it out with a friend and sob on their shoulder. I am more likely to get narky with said friend due to the embarrassment of them seeing me in a moment of weakness.

There are constant triggers. We've all got them. (This Year's Love by David Gray, FYI. Nasty, painful breakup a long time ago, still can't listen to it. Uck.) On the whole though, I am fairly tough, or so I thought until recently. I don't know what's going on with me. It's been a fairly difficult 2015 so far at work and I am very, very tired all the time, so that may explain the emotion. Might just be me going soft in my old age. Either way, open the floodgates and pass me the tissues.

Here's a list of things that have set me off in the past couple of weeks:

Hippo being walked down the street after the floods in Georgia:

(I tear up every time I think about this. It's become a running joke in work. I don't understand why it makes me sad. They are being KIND to the poor hippo and taking it back to safety.)

The Lloyds Bank advert. Although not the sad WW1 bit, the part at the end where you see just how liberating horses can actually be:

A bit in Song of the Sea where the spirit of an ancient warrior is released from a stone. Why that bit, I have no idea. The film is quite breathtakingly beautiful though so I thoroughly recommend you watch it.

24 Hours in A&E. 'Nuff said.

Sad Kermit:

The end of Labyrinth. "Should you need us..."

McGonagall at the Battle of Hogwarts:

Oscar. It hasn't stopped hurting yet.

S'alright chaps, I'm not depressed, just a touch on the gloomy side of things. Venting helps.


  1. Vent away : ) I'm finding the older I get, the less I cry. The more dire things are, the less I cry. I am weird though.

  2. The Labyrinth -yes!
    I cried at the end of the Snowman when he has melted.

  3. Oh man, the snowman. I used to have to get my mum to come in and rewind the VHS so that I could see him being alive again, or I would not stop crying. Heaven forbid the time I saw it on actual telly at my grandparents' house one Xmas. I was inconsolable.

  4. Oh 24 hours in A&E, only close to that is what Grey's Anatomy does to me! Others have mentioned the Snowman, but did you see Grandpa (by the Raymond Briggs too) that is terribly sad :(
    Oh Oscar, I'm terribly sad about Oscar. I send hugs x

  5. That bit in Harry Potter always makes me well up too!! x

  6. Awww Alex I'm sad to hear you're feeling sad, I really hope that things get brighter soon but having said that, sometimes having a weepy moment can be helpful - I've had a fair few these past days so I can definitely relate and is it wrong that this post made me tear up? That bit in the Labyrinth always, ALWAYS, gets me. I'm so sorry about Oscar too, I know that one, it always hits right in the heart. Sending lots of love to you! - Tasha

  7. I'm sorry about Oscar. That's horrid. The hippo and bits like Labyrinth would make me cry too plus old people who are struggling along in th3 street often make me cry too.x

  8. I have ALWAYS been a crier and I seem to have got worse and worse recently! Hope you are OK, sending you lots of love xxx

  9. Sometimes you need to cry, just for a bit of carthasis. I always get really weepy when I'm not sleeping well. This Sufjan Stevens song made me well up the other day:,d.ZGU


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