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Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day eh? I'm pleasantly surprised by all the dislike for it floating around on blogs at the moment - I thought I was the only one that loathed it. It's just so pink and fluffy. If you don't know already that I loathe and despise pink, you've read it here now. If you share my sentiments then do have a look here and here - too funny.

As you can probably tell from the lack of references to men on here, I am perenially single. That doesn't affect my thoughts on today though. I hated it even when, many moons ago, I was coupled up. It's a sorry relationship if you need one day a year to tell your other half how much you love them. As for all the over commercialisation and ridiculously priced horrible flowers, give me strength. The M&S heart shaped jelly beans are v. good though...

I think I'm just not very attractive to men. If you believe my new anonymous commenter (possibly the same one that is pestering Vix) then this is most probably because I'm an ugly, fat, trollop. I must admit I did snork more than a little when I read that. Trollop isn't an insult, it's a splendiferous word. It makes me think of 17th century busty wenches and the wonderful Helga. As for the other parts, well I've been fat. I can quite definitely say that I'm not fat now. Ugly? I don't think I can pass as anything much better than perhaps cute but I don't think I'm entirely unfortunate looking. That comment did come on my very grumpy-faced post though...

Anyway, I'm very definitely not sad or lonely about being single. I'm quite happy with life as it is thank you very much. I'm in no need of a man to complete me; I'm fine just as I am. I am woman, hear me roar, etc.

As this isn't meant to be a doom-laden post, let's all look at hot men. I might not need one but they're fun to admire, yes?

I know he's a proper skinny wretch but I can't help it


  1. Yum, lots of gorgeous men! That pic of Jake is pure sex! Love it.
    Vallys day is a little overdone now, I'd much rather Andy bought me flowers on any other day, we get each other a card, but that's it, we are too busy saving for hols, house stuff than to waste it on novelty bears and crappy half dead roses.


  2. What a delectable bunch of lovelies! Joaquin, Billy-Joe and Matt are my favourites but I'll let you share.
    What a sad old cow. You are beautiful with a stunning figure and totally fabulous and we all know it and love you for it. That's 218 against one! Mind you I agree with you about trollop, it's a fantastic word and you should embrace it with open arms. How about rechristening yourself Alex Van Trollop, Helga's naughty little sister?
    Valentine's is utter tosh. I once received a card with the hand-written verse:
    "Labour is red
    And Tories are blue
    I hope you're a Liberal 'cos I want to shag you"
    Utter poetry! xxx

  3. I don't do valentines day like you it's too pink and fluffy for my liking and everything is just money related!

    I have been shopping and got myself a lovely suit for my interview tomorrow along with some M&S food for a treat (didn't notice the jellly beans which I'm slightly gutted about now) :)

  4. Trollop! Love it! I would love someone to call me a trollop, it implies you have such an exciting lustful life! And you don't need me to say you're not fat or ugly, but I'll say it anyway.

    Love a bit of Joaquin, yum yum ... and who is the skinny one? He looks like Romain Duris but I can't be sure. I love skinny men I have to say, there's something sort of tortured about them. Can I put in a vote for Christian Cooke who is making The Promise intensely compelling for me :)

    PS, just saw your double on campus, except she had stars tattooed on her forehead so that's how I knew it wasn't you! Eep!

  5. Haha I love this post and was relieved to find it! I'm a big fan of pink, but NOT on Valentine's Day. Internet is poo today, if I come across one more heartshaped cupcake or bunny with pink heartshaped sunnies I swear I'll puke. And I'm also very single, but that's not the reason I hate VD. I once actually broke up with my bf on VD! (that's how much I hate it ;))

    Anyway, you're not a trollop and your blog is lovely! :)

  6. i have no idea who most of those fellas are, but yumm :)
    i dont' think i'd mind being called a trollop either..i truly can't be bothered with valntines day, relationshipped or not, i've never liked it!

  7. Mmm thanks for the delicious men! I watched some of the Baftas last night and also thought how skinny Andrew Garfield is, still there's potential! And trollop is indeed a pretty cool word, you could be a sort of Moll Flanders of today :p People hiding behind the "anonymous" tag are not worth a thing! xx

  8. Ah Andrew Garfield! Yes I fancy that film but I read a review at the weekend where it got panned :S It'll depend on whether I pluck up the courage to go alone anyway haha :)

  9. I love being called a trollop!
    And you're GORGEOUS so ignore that horrible comment gremlin xxx

  10. I echo most of your sentiments here Alex. But you are definitely NOT fat or ugly. You're gorgeous and we all think so.

  11. Oh lovely eye candy dear :)

    I'm not a massive fan of valentines day either and try not to buy into all the commersialisation, this year I baked some cupcakes and did my blog post, but other than that it will be a normal day...

    With regards to your anon poster, I've had one too, people can be so horrible, I can only put this down to jealousy!! xxx

  12. Absolutely right, trollop is SO not an insult. As for the rest, they can eff right off, they clearly don't even have eyes in their head.

    Some girls are just better at meeting men than others, I've always been really crap. The internet turned out to be what worked for me, I met Mr D on Dating Direct! Wasn't even looking seriously at the time, just wanted to distract myself from a loser who had let me down. I try to get everyone on the internet dating scene now, has already done the trick for two of my friends ;) xx

  13. Matt Damon looks well fit in the new True Grit film. You have excellent taste in fellas, but I can see why you are single - in real life you are going to lower your expectations A LOT!! My daughters boyfriend of 9 months dumped her out of the blue last week - I can't wait for the day that she realises she has had a lucky escape with that one! xx

  14. Just why oh why do people feel the need to be mean. Alex you are most definitely not any of those things x

  15. I think you're beautiful. I genuinely mean that - I'm not just after kudos or anything. You always look lovely in your shots. Besides, it's not all about the looks, you are intelligent and have encouraged me to expand my magazine collections so, that's good enough for me!

    Anyway, the anonymous commenter sounds like a right sad knobber with nothing good in their life :)

    My brother gets told he looks like Jake all the time!

    I lurrrve Zachary Quinto - not sure if you like him or Chris Pine, they're both pretty sex.

  16. I adore the word trollop,obviously! You can trollop around with me anytime,blossom! Especially as you have-except for Matt Damon-very good taste in men!Phwoar,what a selection!!!
    Valentines Day is fluffy bollocks.If G did something for it,I would laugh hysterically.We've never bought into that rubbish-we're romantic everyday! (awwww)
    Now,you are a total HOTTIE,and I'm stunned that there is this nasty anonymous chicken shit hater out there picking on my girls.Some people!
    Love!! XXX

  17. Ah those men are gorgeous! Good picks! I have recently fallen hard for Alastair Cook, he's yummy :)

    Also, men are idiots. You are gorgeous! But trollop is such an awesome word :D x

  18. Trollop! it's such a lovely word isn't it - to me it says hot and sexy! All I can say is that the person who made the mean comments is obviously a very sad mean spirited person and doesn't deserve to be given another thought. We don't do valentines either, if you love someone you do it every day, not just one day a year. xxx

    Oh PS thanks for the eye candy - nice!

  19. People can be soo mean! You are stunning woman and let no one tell you otherwise! enjoy your valentines day any way you see fit.

    As for the pictures, one word; Yummy!

    X x x

  20. I cant believe someone commented that, how rude!! And obviously from a total idiot! I like the day after valentines when I can go and buy myself tons of half price choccies xx

  21. ooh i love him so!! lol.. unfort i kinda liek valentines day..the corny-ness.. the to answer ur question i work for a fashion agent dealing with buyers in ireland of independant boutiques.. lol its kinda hard to explain but im gonna out a faq tab in my blog and more details will be in it :) xo

  22. Ah those courageous truth telling anonymous people, isn't blogland wonderful? :P Lots of lovely bloke pics, thanks! I just love Cary Grant, and James Stewart, where are all these gentlemen nowadays?! :)

  23. Oooh, what a lovely selection! Ignore the trolls -you are fabulous! xx

  24. Hello Bilie Joe <3<3<3 !!! What a horrid comment to be left but I'm so glad that despite the means words you're still feeling great! I don't loathe V day but I do think it's stupid! Until last month I was coupled up and we never really celebrated V day. I think the most we did was write silly cards because dear god I love writing cards and cook an extra special mean. no presents or any of that because we did special things all year round =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  25. Thank you for the hot men. Except the scary one.

    I don't think most people who do celebrate V Day take it as seriously as people who hate it assume. Although for a lot of people it's about placating the old ball and chain.

    K xx

  26. I despise Valentines and am so glad it's over!
    Anon needs to just feck right off. Fat and ugly? Yeah right. You are beautiful and have an amazing figure that you have worked hard for. Sad feckers. Although you are right trollop is an awesome word.
    I love how varied your guy candy is. Something for everyone or every mood ;)

  27. Joaquin Phoenix *fans self*

    I am flicking your anon the bird. What is wrong with people, seriously?

  28. Ah Alex, you make me smile :) "I'm a woman hear me roar' :) I do have a fiance, but I can imagine being single and remember the times I was and I was never desperate to get someone just for the sake of having someone, and I never had any feelings towards valentines- ie I was never in love with the day but I didn't hate it or protest against it either, I just kinda ignored it, though not consciously.. :P

  29. Man. The sooner the trolls learn that fat isn't actually an insult, the sooner their brains might explode from a sudden and unexpected influx of actual cognition.

    Alex my dove, Valentine's Day is a commercialized pile of doo-doo (although I did enjoy making heart shapes out of fish fillets at work...)

  30. Alex, I'm so pleased that you are happy to be single and without the NEED of a man (but they ARE fun to look at) we women to do tend to be hung up on finding 'the one'.
    Valentine's is a money making day of nonsense and should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, make of it what you will as it will, sadly, be around for years to come.
    I found your blog through Danni The Girl and look forward to reading more posts.

  31. I really like Valentines' day when it's done right, I know it shouldn't take a special day to remind yourself and your significant other that you love and appreciate each other but heck, sometimes it does I'm afraid!
    It's easy to get into a routine and whilst saying "I love you" every day *is* what really counts, for those of us with unromantic hopeless boyfriends it's nice to reserve one day a year to be spoiled!
    I guess I think it's more about making the gesture that you love and appreciate someone, by which token I suppose it doesn't have to be a romantic thing at all- I've particularly enjoyed reading people's posts today about their Mums/ Dads getting them cards as they have done since they were little- I'm a right softie!
    Nice eye candy btw!!!!

    xxx Maddie

  32. I loathe valentines day too, it's just all so contrived and invented by makers of cards and other tat!! Love the pictures of your eye candy, i've met Daniel Agger at my tatoo shop and he is indeed a 'fitty'....

    Hope your okay, think it's my turn to buy you a coffee...

  33. Stumbled onto your blog to find a picture of Daniel Agger and other hotties- yes please!

    Also 'Anon' sounds like a complete idiot. Just ignore these internet warriors who hide behind their internet anonymity. Love the blog :)


  34. I thought you were making up Fazakerley so I googled it and now I can't stop saying it in my worst John Lennon accent.

    You're so cure - please come to our Sydney blogger meet up! You can read all the time - we won't mind!

    Sarah xxx

  35. Dearest Alex, who's been bothering you and Vix?? I'm going to call Vix tomorrow anyway.

    I think trollop is a great word too!

    I know what you mean about Valentine's day. I'm sort of against it although I do expect a card. If it was a large padded one that would be it though! xx

  36. Ugh, anons. May they all catch syphilis.

    I had more to say but then you posted pictures of attractive men and my train of thought disappeared.

  37. I love Vix's comment! That poem is priceless. And you're right - Valentine's is shite. Don't get me wrong, once upon a time I was well up for it and when bunches of flowers are being delivered to work sometimes I think it might be nice to get one. Then I remember I'd feel like a bit of a twat getting flowers hauled through the office. Plus, I accquired a man who thinks it to be shite too so that's a definite kibosh.

    Re: your commenter - they're clearly an arse with nothing better to do and they should get a job, a hobby and a life.


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