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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Yesterday was the North West Bloggers meetup in Manchester and my, what a fun day we had!
First up, meet everyone:

Zoe (Pennyblossoms), Danielle (A Blog From Blackpool), Mrs B (Mrs Bossa Does The Do), Char (t*rexes and tiaras), Helen (Afeitar) and Pearl (Fashion Pearls of Wisdom).

And moi obviously. Chanelling the 80's reject vibe, I wore:

Tshirt - Gap sale
Shorts - H&M
Jacket - vintage Betty Barclay, pinched from Mum
Heels - Irregular Choice

We met at Walrus for drinks and scrumptious Japanese food for lunch (which I didn't photograph cos I was too busy eating it), then onto Nexus, a fab little arts cafe which was full of people making giant carnival mask things:

Where there are bloggers, there are cameras!

Most people had gorgeous looking cake but I was trying to be good and stuck to a Love Heart or two.
Then we went for a spot of vintage shopping. I really wasn't meant to be spending any money but what can you do? Lovely things just sort of fell off the rails into my arms.

Still think we should have bought matching Christmas jumpers...

And we tried on comedy jumpsuits - Mrs B and Pearl looked really glam, I looked like a cross between Challenge Anneka and a plumber! Oh well, I consoled myself with my lovely new purchases. I'm sure they'll all feature in outfit posts very soon but here's a sneaky peek of what I bought:

I had such a lovely day. I can honestly say that I've never met a blogger in real life who I didn't really like. We'll definitely have to do it again soon.


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

    Were they the Christmas jumpers top left of the photo? They obviously didn't sell very well first time round.

  2. That is such a good shot of the xmas jumpers LOL! I also am slightly disturbed at the discovery the changing rooms in Ryans were former toilets! Such a lovely day and brilliant to meet everyone xx

  3. Looks such a fab meet-up. Love the Christmas jumpers too. Ha ha!

  4. Awww, I'm gutted I missed it. I didn't realise it was still going ahead until your email last week, and by then I'd arranged to meet up with the wedding reception venue :(
    I'm so glad you had a great time though, and I'll be looking out for the next meet up with beady eyes!
    PS- Lady, you are looking HOT in those shorts!
    xxx Maddie

  5. Alex your outfit is amazing, you look great. I would love to come to a bloggers meetup (although I'd probably chicken out at the last minute) but Manchester is miles from here. Looks like you all had a lovely time.

  6. Love the jumpsuits, kind of a Charlie's Angels vibe...

    K xx

  7. Looks like you girls had such an amazing time! The jump shoot shoots are pure comedy =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. You lucky thing getting to hang out with some of my favourite bloggers (you included).
    Love the jumpsuits, plumber my arse!
    I'm twitching with excitement at the cheeky preview of your haul, I can't wait to see it in full. xxx
    PS Keep your eye out for the postie, there's a parcel on it's way to you tomorrow. x

  9. Such lovely ladies. I didn't even notice the whole toilet changing room thing till pearl pointed it out. Eww. You bought such great things I looking forward to seeing them in an outfit post :] x

  10. I'd love to go to a bloggers meet-up, they look such fun!

  11. Sounds like an awesome day, love the outfit you wore, the red shorts look amazing on you! xx

  12. aww looks like you had a lovely time! :) i love your blazer and red shorts they're great! gonna check out the other's blogs now :) i love the jumpsuits ;) ronan x

  13. The jumpsuit pics are hilarious! Looks like a fab day. xx

  14. Me? Glam? Are you kidding me?! Don't be swayed by the suedette shoulder patches, lady - I looked like I was in a giant Jackie Collins' pyjamas... Lovely to meet you though. I liked your 80s reject vibe! xx

  15. Love that picture of Mrs B with her cake. You should definitely have all bougth matching Christmas jumpers xx

  16. Yah! Love it - isn't it lovely to meet peeps. It is always such fun xx

  17. Awww the jumpsuit is brilliant! And this looks like a really fun day. I can imagine meeting bloggers can only be a good thing and I can't wait to see what you bought featuring in future posts. xxx

  18. Love it!

    Lola x

  19. Aww I missed out on the jumpsuit action! I was sorely tempted to try on a wedding dress in Ryans though, just for the lols haha. (Also, why am i holding my fork so oddly in that photo? Do I really eat like that?! haha) It was so great to meet you all, we really ought to do it again soon. x

  20. Glad you had a good time - looking forward to seeing what those pretty patterns are part of. Love the jumpsuit posing!

  21. Looks like you all had a great day. Loving the jumpsuits, if you can't have fun dressing up then the world is a dull place !

    That's a pretty fine set of pins you have there Alex, the red shorts look fantastic ! x

  22. A bloggy get together?? Oh, how I love those! I use Location Central to check out people who blog by me. Have you visited that site yet? It's:

    Happy weekend dear!! xo

  23. I love the prints! I'm getting a very 70s vibe from the colours. I do like your slightly grunge outfit; I think red shorts are a staple in any wardrobe.

    Also, how is the book-arranging going? I finished organizing my books and just realized I've run out of space! I don't want to start stacking them two-deep so it looks like I'm on the hunt for more shelves!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  24. How exciting! And what's wrong with looking like Challenge Anneka? She was my hero growing up! Can't wait to see those buys in their full glory you tease, loving the look of the Lowry-esque print! xxx

  25. Looks a great day, cakes, vintage shopping and meeting lovely bloggers.
    Love the jacket and shoes you are wearing. I bow down to your shoe greatness. :)


  26. This looks like you had so much fun!! I've been trying to arrange a meet up for Northern bloggers (or basically anyone who can get to York) but haven't had much luck with people saying they can come yet!! You wouldn't be interested at all would you?? You can take a look at my post on it here:
    Or if you know of any other bloggers in the North who might be interested, please let me know of them so I can get in contact =)
    Following you now =D

  27. wow! we recently had a blogger meet-up here in our city too! <3
    yours looked like sooo much fun!

    ♥ GIVEAWAY at vanilla ice cream ♥

  28. ooooooh, that sounds so cool! I am LOVING your red shorts- I was looking for some on SAturday and these are just what I was seeking- are they current H&M!!!??

  29. Seems like a lovely day- I look forward to reading all these other blogs!

  30. You all look so lovely! Your outfit is fab too! :D

    Maria xxx

  31. Can't wait to see your new purchases styled in a outfit post. I do love a retro print.

    By the way your red shorts are amazing!!

  32. Fantastic, I'd love to go on a meet up but I'm not sure there is anyone near me! I love the jumpsuits

    You are still rocking those red shorts lady x

  33. What a fab day! Looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves.

    Sod the plumber, you look great. I'd have roll after roll!

    X x

  34. Dear Alex, I've missed you!

    How lovely to meet everyone!

    You look gorgeous and I love the prints on the pieces you bought. Much love, C xx

  35. I love that Lowryesque top. Where can I buy one from, or was it a one-off? You would never see me in it honest, as I don't have a blog!

  36. If you are looking for casual jumpsuits and rompers, then Hello Fashion Forever is one of the best choices you have.


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