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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post. Unfortunately it's not good news - Beth's condition has deteriorated and they weren't able to operate, so she's been transferred closer to home for palliative care. It's unbearably sad.

Please don't think I'm being a hard-hearted bitch for trying to carry on pretty much as normal. I know it might seem excessively hypocritical of me to start off with a paragraph like that and then talk about utterly frivolous stuff but I function best when I keep myself busy and don't let myself dwell on things and something this awful, I just can't think about for too long. Falling apart won't do anyone any good. I need the distraction and yes, the frivolity, of blogging.

I've been tagged with a couple of awards recently: the Stylish Blogger award from Gem at Treasures From The Cherry Tree and the Versatile Blogger award from Hazel at World Of Joy. Thanks ever so much ladies! Both of them seem to be of the "5 things about yourself" type and I'm sure you're all bored of me revealing facts about myself by now, so I thought I'd bend the rules and show you 5 recent charity shop purchases instead. I've barely shopped in May, so these were little treats to myself at the weekend.

1) Jolly nice H&M top, BNWT. H&M sizing being what it is, it's a little snug, although not in a bad way. It doesn't show off rolls of flab or anything. I think I'm just not very used to form-fitting clothes yet.

2) Primark dress. It's rather more boobalicious than I foresaw as the bodice part is essentially just two triangles but I'm sure I can do something with it. Even if it's not wearable in current form, £1.99 is not bad for the fabric at least.

3) Knitting bag. Oh the cuteness of the chunky wooden handles. I love my local YMCA shop. This and the fabric below weren't priced up so I asked the woman on the till and she went "oh, just £1.49 for both." Result!

4) Vintage fabric. Mental but rather tremendous, yes? I'm not sure there's enough to make a dress with but hopefully enough for a totally in-your-face skirt.

5) And this glorious book. I adore the Anne books and even though I've already got a paperback edition of this one, who could resist a 1913 hardback edition with beautiful colour plates inside? Not me. Especially not when it was on the half price shelf.

In very important shopping related news, I have got my Olympics tickets! On Monday 30th July 2012 I'll be in Greenwich Park watching the cross-country stage of the three-day eventing. I am more excited than I can possibly describe.


  1. How very sad for you all but as you say, life cannot stop completely and you have to go on living with tragedy and joy side by side! Blogging is a healthy and important part of your life, even as a form of escapism! xx

  2. Really sorry to hear that ~ so very sad.
    Kandi x

  3. Such sad news. I really know what you mean about keeping busy. I'm one for carrying on and keeping things 'normal'. Congrats on your tags, love your purchases, that vintage fabric is fab. Well done for gettin olympic xc tickets. I was about to get some then had a dark moment and didn't. Regretting it already. The books arrived today, they look fab, thank you v much x

  4. You poor thing - I'm thinking of you and your friend. Don't feel bad for carrying on - what else can you do? You need some light relief to be there for her properly without falling apart.

  5. So sad to hear about Beth- I will be keeping her in my prayers, and you and your friend in my thoughts too.
    Your charity shop finds are nothing short of fantabulous! I especially love the fabric, and you're right- it deffo calls for a swishy skirt to be made out of it!
    Such exciting news about your Olympics tickets! I ended up not going for any, as we just didn't have the money spare to leave in our account on the off chance. I thought it was a good system to decide who got what, but with regards to charging, I'm sure it can't be beyond the wit of man to let you know how much your invoice is for, BEFORE charging you? Anyway, rant over!
    I shall be watching the eventing from my sofa, and no doubt drooling over your blog posts about it instead!

    xxx Maddie

  6. Such sad news about Beth. Her poor parents must be devastated.

    The charity finds are superb, I love a knitting bag, more so with a wooden handle.


  7. So sorry to hear your news but I truely relate to the need to keep things light and a tad frivolous. I have a lot going on right now and I really don't need to be reminded of it, neither do I want to whinge on. It's nice to find something cheery.

  8. Oh Alex, your poor friend. The sadness you both must be feeling is unimaginable. I'll be thinking of Beth and praying.

    I'm so glad you got the tickets you wanted lovely :) That'll be something to look forward to! xx

  9. That's such sad news about Beth, I'm sure your friendship and support will help both your friends.
    The Olympic tickets and your fab purchases are brilliant.
    Thanks a million for my parcel, the mug is the most amazing thing ever, I love it. xxx

  10. Oh no :( Such sad news, your friends must be devastated. I don't blame you for keeping busy, I have exactly the same strategy in difficult times.

    I love that vintage fabric, what an awesome print! And you've just reminded me I really must get a knitting bag, I have needles & wool all over the place. Congrats on your Olympics tickets! My boy put a load on his credit card but hasn't had anything debited yet, arg...suppose there's still a chance though!

  11. Oh god I'm so sorry about your friend. Truly awful. But I don't think you're frivolous at all.

    That green fabric is AMAZEBALLS!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about Beth, it must be a comfort for your friend to know you are there for her.

    I love the vintage fabric.

  13. Sorry to hear your sad news :(

    Your charity shop finds are fab, I have that Primark dress and just wear a little black cami vest underneath it to prevent flashing at people!

  14. Such awful news Alex but do try to stay cheerful - Beth won't want to see you frowning and your friends will need you.

    I love ALL those items, what a pretty knitting bag! You'll have to show us what you make with all your fabric :) xxx

  15. Thats very sad news about Beth I hope the little you are all in my thoughts. At times like this the only thing you can do is try and carry on as normally as possible. xxx

  16. My heart goes out to your friends, it is unbelievably sad, don't feel guilty for carrying on as normal, do whatever you need to do to stay strong.

  17. I'm sorry Alex, that is awful news. As you say, you have to keep yourself distracted. The bag is fab and so is the nutso fabric and Anne book. Big hug to you xxx

  18. Dearest Alex, that's terrible news. You must stay strong for your friend and carry on.

    I love the book! The knitting bag and the dare I say it Primark dress. You could always wear it with a fitted black jersey underneath or even a vest top?

    And well done about your tickets! Greenwich Park will be a fabulous setting.

    Thinking of you, love C xx

  19. I really hope beth get's better, so sad when babies get sick but you just have to think positively about it all =) Great finds, the pattern on the blue top is fab and mega congrats about the olympic tickets, no idea if dad got his yet cos I haven't asked haha and he probably hasn't checked. fingers crossed though

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  20. Oh sweet I'm so sorry to hear that. Support is the best thing you could do for the minute.

    I'm pleased you got olympic tickets we weren't so lucky.

    X x

  21. Rotten news about your friend's little one. It doesn't do to let grief engulf your life, so blogging is a perfectly healthy way to let a bit of light in.

    Great purchases - utterly LOVING the Anne of Green Gables book. I remember reading it when I had chicken pox - might read it again!

    Big hugs - keep your chin up.

    Ali x

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and her baby, that's terrible and I can't even begin to imagine what they're going through, but I do understand the need to focus on something and carry on almost as normal. I love the Anne of Green Gables books too, she's such a wonderful character and yay for Olympics tickets - anything horsey gets my vote! xxx

  23. that is so so sad for your friend, losing a child is tragic and unnatural, she will need all your support..... living your life the best you can is a good thing to do .......and what good news about your tickets, no one else I know has got theirs...bravo!!

  24. I have to agree with the carrying on in the face of tragedy, i dont' think it makes you heartless at all.

    Also I think it's a shame if you don't have enough fabric for a dress, but a skirt would also be lovely!!

  25. im sorry for your sad news. well done for carrying on with it all. congrats on your olympic tickets! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  26. Alex - so, so sorry to hear about your friend and her baby. Incredibly touched that even at this terribly sad time you still took the trouble to leave such a kind comment on my blog. Thinking of you and your dear friend.

  27. i found your blog through laura's (adaisychaingdream) :)
    Got to love a bit of Anne.. I may or may not try and casually steer all conversations towards Anne of Green Gables... haha


  28. Hi Alex,
    Really very saddened to hear the news about your friend's baby Beth. What a poor little girl, life is so cruel. As a mum of two, your post today has tugged at my heart strings but I also agree you must think of positives.
    Loving your outfit today and I adore the five recent charity shop purchases (or "cherry tree" as I call it!!!!!)
    Glad you liked my award, you totally deserve it.

  29. When I first saw the knitting bag I thought it was a really pretty skirt, I still love it though. I think I bought that black floral dress from Primark ages ago, but took it back because it was waaaaaay to revealing! xxx


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