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November Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It's the end of the month and that means it's time for the November scavenger hunt. Thanks as always to Kathy for picking the categories. You can see everyone else's posts here.

Something that you have made

Not the tree, obviously (although I did decorate it). The beaded bauble.


I'm not ashamed to admit I own this book despite the epic mullet on the cover. It's about a wrestler! There's another thing I'm not ashamed to admit: I love wrestling. Mock me at your peril. I will bodyslam you.

A lucky charm

Lucky Ducky.

A poppy

This is how I wear my poppy: in my hair. I have a terrible habit of losing them when they're attached to my coat so this is safer all round.

A self-portrait

I hate taking photos of my own face. This was the best I could do.


It's a memorial to the Potato Famine, in the grounds of St Luke's church in Liverpool city centre. I suppose the church is a sort of memorial too. It was bombed out during WW2 (hence it being known as the "bombed-out church" now) and has been left that way.

Polka dots

A selection from the sock drawer.


Yeah, my fire is retro. None of those flickery pebble things for me.

Something that lights up

One of the Christmas decorations in Liverpool. I don't think the lights are up to much this year but I love this reindeer.


At the Bluecoat. It's a stunning building anyway but I am especially fond of this doorway. Check out the little Liver Bird on the pediment.

Something purple

The last remnants of colour on a hydrangea bush.

Comfort food

Nothing better. My Magic Roundabout egg cup must be used.


  1. Something that lights up? My face, when your name hits the top of my list with a new post!
    Corny, but true!
    Z xx

  2. Love this post :) And I am very jealous of your egg cup! x

  3. I love these photos! Also, I just love the way you describe things- it's so, ahrgh, can't think of the word- fitting in a mundane (I know that sounds a negative word but I mean it in a positive way), proper way- it fits and is amusing!

  4. Magic roundabout eggcup?! Amazing. Great photos and a good idea re: where to put the poppy, every year I go through 2 or 3 as they always fall off my coats. x

  5. Great photos as usual! What a cute little lucky ducky.
    I very nearly had boiled egg and soldiers for my comfort food too.

  6. Your Silhouette made me chuckle! and wrestling is cool (because STONE COLD SAID SO!) (did you watch it that far back? or am I showing my age?)

  7. Great photos! I like the lucky ducky and the last colour on the hydrangea.

  8. Lovely photos especially the little green duck.

  9. Aaaah, I wanted to take a photo of that reindeer in the City Centre .... but I didn't get back there when i was sick. Really cute photos, I Love the spotty socks. Very similar to my drawer full. I've never seen to memorial about the potato famine before. I must check it out!

  10. Hi Alex, I love the eighties, and the mullet hairdo! Polka dot socks, why didn't I think of that?! You have a fantastic collection of photos. Best Wishes, Kerrie

  11. Wonderful entries...especially the hydrangea and the reindeer!

  12. I love your photos! Like your spotty socks, mine are all plain or stripey - I must have some spotty ones. Sweet lucky ducky - I had one years ago from a shop in Scarborough - now where did that end up? Love Brian the snail on your egg cup and the reindeer looks wonderful. Thanks for cheering me up this morning:)

  13. Lovely photos. Nothing like a bit of Magic Roundabout to cheer up a chilly morning!xx

  14. If I had a magic roundabout egg cup I think I might use it at every meal.
    Great pictures!

  15. I have the same fire haha! And I too love wrestling, at one time I was convinced I could be the next Stephanie McMahon and styled my whole wardrobe after her for like a year - and I was like 16, shameful! Wouldnt say no to HHH tho! :)

  16. Boiled egg and soldiers straight to the top of my food wishlist!!

    MY memorial pic is a potato famine one too! AND I almost did a lucky duck.

    Love the poppy in the hair idea, I lose mine every year.

    Also, well done on the bauble, looks so tactile :)

  17. Interesting taste in fiction!
    There has been a huge variety of interpretations on comfort food in this month's hunt - everyone is different.

  18. Great shots - love your version of Silhouette!

  19. Great photos! Love the reindeer.

  20. Hahaaa!! Great silhouette shot :-D And the self-portrait.

  21. Oh Alex, think I just found another reason that I love you- boiled eggs and soldiers. And I want that eggcup. That said my soldier eggcup is quite cool- one of the ones with tall black fluffy hats.

  22. Your lucky charm ducky is so cute. You've posted a great set of photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  23. I suddenly have an intense craving for a dippy egg and soldiers! Yum.

  24. Love the hydrangea! Once again I am lagging behind everyone... I will finish my post tonight. Or maybe tomorrow! Really looking forward to the alphabet challenge!
    Loving Lucky Ducky and magic roundabout eggcup. You are the coolest - even if you do love wrestling and own 'that' sort of book ;OP


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