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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dear Readers,

If you're not already following essbeevee , you really should be. Quite apart from being fricking hilarious and having an amazing collection of frocks, Sarah does the most beautiful illustrations. I've wanted one for a long time and finally thought why the hell not. I sent an email off with a request that went along the lines of "GREEN. And make me look pretty please". Didn't she do a marvellous job?

It's like me but better!

There was one slight problem: I was immediately full of want for the outfit. I couldn't resist an attempt at dressing up like it. Ebaying has already commenced for a green dress because shamefully, my wardrobe is entirely lacking in this category. The shoes were easier to source. I nipped straight into Matalan and discovered some in the sale. Hurrah! They're not quite the same, but are pretty awesome nonetheless.

Here's my attempt. Alas not as tall, thin or pretty as the illustration but this is real life after all.

And for the general details:

Apologies for the peculiar pose but this does need hoicking in at the back so as not to look sack-like in photos...

Dress & socks - Primark
Shoes - Matalan sale
Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale
Necklace - Tatty Devine, present
Book - from a shop in Hay on Wye
it's Houses and History by Rosemary Sutcliff and comes highly recommended by me!)

ps - If you want to be immortalised in sketch form, get in touch with Sarah here


  1. well you already know i think it's amazing, and you're well on the way to getting the outfit down to a tee! the shoes are fab! :)

  2. What a fantastic idea. And what a beautiful sketch!
    I can't believe you don't own a green dress, Alex - you MUST rectify this situation asap!
    Fab shoes, but oh how do you walk in them?! xxxx

  3. That is a wonderful idea. What a great sketch. Love it!
    Yep, I wonder how you walk in those shoes too!
    So pleased you like the scarf...I thought those colours would be a winner and it works brilliantly with those beads.
    Z xx

  4. Wow that sketch is brilliant and it's very you!
    I love your red socks too, cute and sexy in the right measure.
    Kandi x

  5. Awww. You look wonderful, Alex! When I was doing the sketch I had a frantic 'Ahhh, she does like Peter Pan collars doesn't she?' moment and had to go through your blog - so I believe this is the dress that convinced me to stick with the collar. I think if you could find a simple green round necked dress you could wear a shirt under it? Those socks are adorable (although not odd, haha!).

    So glad you like it x

  6. I adore the illustration and I love the fact you felt inclined to immediately replicate it, I'm all for merging art with fashion! Great find with the shoes and I'm sure eBay will come up with something sooner or later. Also that necklace really is fab xxx

  7. I love the illustration; but what I REALLY love is those shoes x

  8. yay sarah that's such a pretty illustration!


  9. That is a great sketch you look fab. As for your take on the sketch? I think it looks very good. Plus I too love your shoes.

    X x

  10. Aha, the famous Ms Sutcliffe of Eagle of the Ninth fame! Yay for Hay!
    What a lovely illustration of you! I'd like that dress too! (I have those socks!)


  12. such a great sketch and love your interpretation too x

  13. You don't have a green dress?! Tut tut.
    If you can't get a green dress with a Peter Pan collar you could always make a collar to add to a plain neck - I've done just that if you check out my latest post.

    The illustration is lovely by the way.

  14. Amazing picture, Sarah is so talented.
    Great outfit, I love the socks :)

  15. Such a pretty pic. I do love Sarah's illustrations. xx

  16. That sketch is amazing! And it looks just like you too (so many sketches don't, Sarah is so talented). But you don't have a green dress? WHY NOT?! Clearly it looks good on you, the sketch says so ;-)

  17. This sketch is fabulous! I love the little book detail :)


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