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With These Shoes, You Are Really Spoiling Us...

Friday, 20 January 2012

You may well have heard that there's a chance to be a Sarenza Ambassador up for grabs. Being the shoe fan that I am, I had to have a crack at entering the competition.

The task is simple: pick your favourite pair of shoes from the site.

10 English pence to anyone who can guess which brand I've selected from *


Yeah, it's Irregular Choice. Quelle surprise.

Irregular Choice shoes are amazing. You should all know my thoughts on them by now. However creative design and funky shapes and details don’t come cheap.

I don't mind that at all - you can't pay Primark prices for decent quality stuff - and I'm not opposed to paying full price for a pair if funds allow and I *really* like them. However my natural inclination is always, always to try and get a bargain.

Be warned, if you’re a size 6, be prepared to find me bidding against you for pairs on ebay! I also have a folder of random websites that sell Irregular Choice shoes for discounted prices and as soon as the sales hit in the more mainstream stores and sites, I’m in there like a rocket.

It fills my hear with joy to look at a webpage like this and see all the prices slashed. My favourite? It’s got to be the amazing sequins and stars combination of Abigail's Party Too :

Quite subtle by IC standards, non? They'd definitely be one of my more sensible pairs. 30% off is excellent. The fact that there are only one pair in my size and it’s not payday till Wednesday? That’s not ideal. If they’re still there next week then they will be MINE.

* Don't all mug me at once for your 10p. I'm like the Queen; I never carry cash.


  1. Oooh these are gorgeous!
    I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's entries for this!


  2. You would look so great in those shoes. Pay day feels like SO far away this month! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. Pretty shoes!
    Good luck!

  4. Top shoes! I love IC, and look on ebay- but I find their sizing quite random so am cautious if I haven't tried it on in a shop earlier.

  5. Beauuutiful! I'm going to enter too but not sure i would stand a chance on the voting! x

  6. Alex you chose a cracking pair. I love the look of IC's shoeboots (hate that word).

  7. I adore IR shoes - I'm still a bit unpractised in walking in them, mind! x

  8. Dammit, I had the same pair lined up. Aren't they just epic though? I always thought these would be awesome for parties and awesome for work. I know for sure they fit the bill for my just-because-i'm-a-solicitor-doesn't-mean-i'm-boring shoe needs!

  9. I must admit I really envy your love of shoes! Irregular Choice are always full of surprises and never date. I'm rooting for you to win Sarenza Ambassador and really hope you do, it quite literally would be shoe heaven xxx

  10. Those shoes are fab - good luck with your entry xo

  11. Those shoes are amazing. Envy, envy, envy. You chose an absolutely awesome pair.

  12. They are stunning aren't they?!

    Is you that I always loose to on eBay then hun?! Well if ever you get fed up of any pairs you can always send them my way.

    X x

  13. Aaah they are indeed AMAZING! And I can't claim to be a huge IC fan... but these I could do :)

  14. Predictable ;)

    but god I love those!

  15. You'd make an great ambassador! I know no one (excluding myself) that loves shoes more.
    Those are sparkly beauts right there.

  16. Gorgeous shoes. Hope you win!

  17. You would be a great ambassador and will definitely be getting my vote if you get through to the final. So glad you went for it and good luck chuck x

  18. Those shoes are gorgeous Alex and I completely agree; if there's one thing that can cheer me up it's Irregular Choice shoes. I hope you win! xxx


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