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50 Shades of Green

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Woe is me.  Alack and alas. Boo McHoo  Etc.

No, that's not my reaction to being told that I look like a leprechaun (which did actually happen today).

I am sad because they have moved my picnic table!  My trusty picnic table that I used to prop the camera up on for all my outfit photos.  IT HAS BEEN MOVED.  How very rude.  I had to call the tripod into use today.  Now for those of you that regularly use tripods, I imagine this would not be so bad.  For me, it was.  My tripod is from Lidl (who even knew they sold them?!) and has a worrying habit of unexpectedly collapsing one leg, causing me to hurtle towards the floor to rescue the DSLR from sudden death.  It scares me to use it.  Also it doesn't even fold down properly and I do not enjoy having to try and smuggle it around in my handbag.  Even with a bag the size of mine, it is hard to be subtle about it.

In other news, I am not convinced about the dress.  I wanted it muchly, especially after Sarah's amazing illustration, and managed to track it down on ebay.  I had visions of looking all minxy in my minidress but in reality I look more like I'm dressing up in one of my mum's tops.  Ok, not a top belonging to my mum because she's even shorter than I am, but you get my drift, right? It is a bit unflatteringly large and long sleeved.  Bah.

Dress - Topshop, via ebay
Shoes - Irregular Choice, via ebay
Scarf - vintage
Tights - Dorothy Perkins

So take pity on a girl please.  Quick, hit me up with decent (and fairly cheap) tripod suggestions.  I'll have to try and resolve the clothing issue myself.


  1. Oh Alex, you suit green; leprachaun or not!

  2. I'm not taking pity on you, you fool (oh, hang on, I pity the fool!)
    Because you look FAB!!
    Green looks great on you.
    And WHO moved the picnic table......tell them off and insist they move it back!!!

    x xx

  3. I use a step-ladder- it's really wonky and the camera has fallen off several times. Therefore I am of no use to you! Sorry! I also got called Leprechaun LOADS last week!!!!
    I finally got some red shorts like yours that I admired, I wore them on Sunday!

  4. Well green really suits you Alex. I'm afraid im no use either my tripod broke and it too had a habit of clappsing when you least expected it.

    X x

  5. Alex, haud yer wheest, that dress looks fab on you! Xo

  6. Green really is your colour, I reckon you can pull that dress off but no tips on tripods, I broke one and the other is industrial sized

  7. Mr B says to start a Facbook page, "Bring Back The Picnic Table - pronto"!
    Any fold-up chairs kicking around? With a couple of chunky books?
    I kept laughing so much at my pathetic attempt at using a tripod that I've not dared to venture out with it again!
    Z xx

  8. Hi there, I got my tripod from amazon for £20 they have quite a few on there and they are rather reasonably priced. The legs on mine definitely don't collapse either. Hope they move your picnic table back though, that will save your pennies!!!

    Emily (

  9. No pity here! You look gorgeous!
    And not like a leprechaun in the slightest.
    Love the scarf round your head, looks great on your hair.

  10. cheapish but decent tripod from should do the job. and no, I don't work for them, just a happy customer :-) and the dress does look lovely on you, not unflattering at all. love the colour!

  11. I love those greens- been wearing a lot of green myself!

    My 'tripod' is a bookshelf in my living room, and pic nic furniture in my garden. I had a gorilla gripper somewhere but lost it in the house move, and WILL NOT admit defeat and buy a new one!

  12. Keep your eye out at a carboot sale for a tripod, we picked ours up for £3.50. Loving the dress :)

  13. I got a cheapie travel tripod (aren't they all?) from Ebay for a tenner, which so far hasn't collapsed. Before that I balanced the camera on the ironing board. So professional!
    You look lovely in green, great scarf. xx

  14. Thought of another idea!!!! What about getting them to erect one of those wooden bird tables, one with a little wooden roof, to keep your camera dry when it's wet!!
    Z xx

  15. Ah I really like this dress, looks cute! Got my tripod on Amazon, it was only around £18 and can be height adjusted and the camera base can be moved around, love it! :)

  16. I like it. I think it looks nice on. It's not unflattering at all. I wish mine came up long enough to be a dress, but alas, it does not and the world can live without me exposing my behind.

  17. Hi, i loved your blog :) i'm from Brazil and i'm learning english. Sorry if i write incorrect. I loved your looks :) verry beautiful and interesting. I'm following your blog, congratulation.


  18. How inconsiderate of them to move your table!! I love all the shades of green in your outfit, I can't seem to really pull the colour off myself :( I got this tripod last year and it hasn't let me down yet!


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