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March Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, 31 March 2012

So it's the end of March.  I am currently in the wilds of Welshest Wales but I have astounded myself by actually scheduling some posts.  Well, I couldn't miss the monthly scavenger hunt, could I?  Thanks, as always, to Kathy for coming up with the selection.


I'm a Liverpool lass, so what better than the Liver Buildings? And although I must own up to taking this on my phone and using Instagram, it was one of the filters that didn't actually change the colours that much. The sky was almost that blue!


I think, although quoteth me not, that these little square quatrefoils are the only known example of this particular pattern. Pretty, aren't they?


I paused mid-apple-muffin-baking-session to snap this one. As you may be able to tell, I am not a tidy baker. I blame it on the size of the kitchen. There's no room to spread out.


These little beauties were on one of my childhood favourite cardigans. They somehow remained, even though the cardi is long gone. They're earrings now!


Not the most stunning picture I've ever taken but goodness me, it was the most stunning performance.  We went all the way to Edinburgh to see it and it was worth every single penny that it cost and every single second spent on a train.  Utterly mesmerising, especially The Beast.


Rather fancy for a table, isn't it?

Street name:

It's a real street name. Hehe, she's going to kill me when she sees this photo.


I wouldn't say I'm particularly fashion focused - I wear what I like. Luckily good shoes never go out of fashion.


If you've met me, you will be well aware that I am not a morning person. My brain doesn't start functioning for quite a while after I get out of bed. So, um, I forgot to take a photo that summed up mornings. But here's one that I took in the morning. Does that count?

Half a face:

Half a Catastrophe Cosmetic facemasky face, to be exact.  I went on one of the free facemask workshops that Lush and Clipper Tea are running and it was great fun!


Newcastle, in the early morning.  Really early morning.  Before 7am.  I must have been sleep walking.


I won't say which book the words come from, because they come right at the end and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But I read them and I absolutely sobbed.


  1. great photos Alex. Pig Trough... *chuckle* she really is going to kill you for posting that pic!

  2. My favorite is Pig Trough (made my day). I love that red fancy shoe and where did you find such a beautiful table? Very well done.

  3. Great shots - love half a face!

  4. Great photos! I love the fancy table, it looks like ashford black marble inlaid with various minerals/gems? Your city photo is great too, I really struggled with mine!

  5. Haha, fab post...LOVE Pig Trough!

  6. How sweet those buttons are now worn as ear-rings. The table is very fancy indeed. I do like to see what others have come up with.
    Lisa x

  7. Oh they are lovely!!!! Really nice!! I haven't managed morning or fashion yet! Am desperately trying to get them done tomorrow!

  8. Lovely photos, and I recognise so many of your places. Liverpool of course, but Newcastle too, because that's where my daughter lives! Thanks, as ever, for joining in!

  9. Lovely photos and I loved the words - now on a mission to find the name of the book!

  10. Loved the bridge and the city shot, nice photos.

  11. Crikey, I nearly cried and I've only read the last paragraph of the book. It must be a good one. Also wondering what role the Tales of the Greek Heroes had in apple muffin baking?!
    Great photos and lovely to see more of the Liver Buildings, Ellen x

  12. A great set of photos. Really like the street name.

  13. Great photos! I love your half a face.

  14. LOVE fashion and half a face!!!

  15. Love your half a face pic and your shoes (as always) are fabulous :)

    How did you turn the buttons into earrings - they are so cute and so special!! A lovely sentimental item!

    I took part in the scavenger hunt this month also - thanks to seeing your pictures last month!


  16. I love your pictures, Pig Trough is a cracker!

  17. Love the pig trough photo! Also that book about greek heroes amidst your baking looks really good! I'm jealous that you can pull off looking good with a face mask on x

  18. Great photos - like the cute buttons and the fab shoes!

  19. Ha I've just finished writing a blog post about the Beauty and the Beast production. Saw it last week. HOW good was it?!

  20. I love your photos the picture of Newcastle in the early morning lokks so peaceful and your buttons are so cute.

  21. Great photos, and the second recommendation for the Northern Ballet's Beauty and the Beast I've read this week (thanks to The Girl). Love the shoes pic, and the kitchen - thats how kitchens are supposed to look isn't it?! ;-)

  22. Great photos! Love the landmark photo.


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