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What I Wore...To The Races

Friday, 13 April 2012

Ah.  It's Aintree time again and that means it's time for tons of patronising Southern bile in the media mocking Scouse women for daring to make an effort when they go to the races.  I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the tone of the Daily Mail's article yesterday though.  It's much less vitriolic than in previous years (note - I haven't read the comments because they'll make me want to punch things) although I can't help but feel that they've picked some peculiar photos to go along with it.  There were so many beautifully dressed, chic women there yesterday.  Lots of peplums and really smart fitted dresses and fab platform shoes.  That wasn't even the day when people get really dressed up! We shall wait and see what the coverage of Ladies Day (today) brings...

So, what did I wear?  This:
Ah, so chic to accessorise with a pint of Bulmers, isn't it?


Much more soberly dressed than most people there, but here is the basis of my thinking when it comes to an outfit for the races. 
  • Something smart. 
  • Something I won't freeze in.  
  • Preferably something I already own, because I can't countenance doing what some girls do and spending £500 on getting ready and buying the outfit.  That is just madness. 
  • Oh, and flat shoes.  My back hurts after spending over six hours standing up and I just can't wear heels for that long without ruining my day with pain and moaning. 
So, as I said on Twitter yesterday, I may have been by far in the minority with my flats on, but at least I wasn't teetering along and moaning about how much my feet were killing me after an hour.  Or worse, walking round barefoot holding my shoes.  *shudder*

Instead I was having a wonderfully fun day out in the sunshine.  And being assaulted by my brother when trying to study the form in the Racing Post.  He didn't stop me picking a couple of winners though, muahaha.

Dress - Closet @ Dorothy Perkins
Jacket - Warehouse via charity shop
Flats - New Look
Ring - Dorothy Perkins sale
Bag - H & M


  1. I love the colour of the dress and you seem to have got the balance just right, the jacket looks very smart and practical xxx

  2. I was hoping you'd be there at some point during the meeting...lucky girl! Looks like you had a great day!
    To add to the 'flats' reasoning - also you don't get photographed showing your knickers as you topple over in your 6 inch wedges as you try to negotiate the going down a grassy slope! Poor girl!
    Yeah, the DM was quite subdued(sp?) this year, wasn't it?
    Love your turquoise dress, such a zingy colour.
    Z xx

  3. You look lovely, that dress is a great colour. I suppose it's only normal for the Daily Mail and others to generally print the most horrendous tacky looking people only! x

  4. Ah perfect outfit for the races, and your brother looks very smart!
    I love a day at the races, off to Newmarket in May. I've learnt (the hard way) that comfort is key, I'll be doing a simple shift dress and low heels this year. With a jacket.

  5. Good for you. You look like a proper punter and not a WAG! Excellent outfit.

  6. Yep, I wouldn't say no to Bulmer's. And it's wonderful that you pull off the turquoise skater dress. I couldn't so I had to settle for black. DP, I loff you. ;P

    A from A + B in the Sea

  7. That's a lovely dress - one of my favourite colours xxx

  8. Seems like you had a fantastic time, and your dress is lovely! The colour is perfect for the races too! And the flats are definitely a good shout, I don't understand tottering around on epic heels all day long! xx

  9. Gorgeous dress, and I know exactly what you mean about the heels :') ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  10. What a beautiful dress Alex, I love the colour x

  11. I so have a leetle bit of a crush on your brother, he is rather gorgeous and I have said this before. And I am a very happily married woman!!!!!!
    Love the colour on you, you rock turquoise. Understated yet glam.
    Glad you had fun
    x x x

  12. Ha ha, I must admit we were having a good laugh in work at the coverage of Ladies Day today. I agree though that the Daily Mail has really toned down the bitchiness this year. The outfits on display were actually OK, much more demure than last years featured offerings

  13. The colour of the dress is well dreamy.
    I went to the races last year, wore and expensive maxi dress from firetrap and still had to endure being looked down upon by the snootier crowd.
    I promised myself I would never go back, but you have made me realise it's their problem not mine - if they don't like it, they don't have to look.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  14. I think you dressed very appropriately, I would have chosen flats or comfy wedges too. That dress is a gorgeous colour and looks great on you. Hope you had a lovely time :)

  15. You look lovely - and thumbs up for the flats! Being assaulted by your brother - I'm nearly 50 and my younger brother still gets me in a headlock from time to time *sigh*

    Hope you enjoyed your races!

    Ali x

  16. I think the media pick the most outrageous outfits because it suits them to do so. Most people see right through it!
    You look super, that dress us really lovely, great colour.

  17. That's just the kind of common sense I fail to use at outdoor events. You look so much more stylish than anyone I saw in the media.


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