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April Scavenger Hunt

Monday, 30 April 2012

Last day of the month is Scavenger Hunt day! Thanks as always to Kathy for organising it. If anyone wants to join in during May I'd love to see your photos. My April efforts are as follows:

On the move:

*cough*tenuous link*cough*

I kinda failed to take any action shots this month.  But if you're on the move then you need some antique cases to carry your stuff round in, yes?  Sadly these aren't mine.  They reside at Dinefwr.


We had giants in Liverpool this month. What seemed like the entire population of the North West turned out to see them. It was genuinely amazing to watch the spectacle.


It's a gate.  Nuff said.


You won't get lost outside the Albert Dock.  Signposts AHOY!


Bed.  The bed of a single and selfish person who likes to make a fort out of the pillows and sleep a lot. I know it's indulgent and I don't care.


Wool used in the Abergavenny Tapestry.  Aren't they a beautiful range of pastels?


It's stickier than the time that Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun (cool points to anyone who gets that reference).  Absolutely delicious though.


A really rather big rock half way up Garn Goch


Blossom and bees.  Yay!  I love spring. 


Mine.  Avec additional blurring because I was paranoid it would look like I have a tache.  I don't!  But poking a camera that close to your face is just asking for trouble. 


A shadowy tangle of branches.  I just rather liked the effect.

Can't live without:

Books. Books. Books. I get physically twitchy when I'm deprived of reading material.


  1. Sounds Blackadder-y to me! It's been a while though. Those giants look amazing - is it like the Warhorse puppets on a massive scale?

  2. What wonderful pictures, I love the vintage suitcases and the giant also your smile and the shadow of the branches.
    Sarah x

  3. Great photos! I love your indulgent nest and the tangle shadow. That sticky thing has got to be blackadder! The one quote that has always been in my mind from that is the one that's something like 'it would be unacceptable to a dung beetle whose wife has left him and has lost interest in his career and really let himself go' - ahh classic TV!

  4. Cool points for me too. Do I get extra for knowing it's from Goes Forth?

    You know you have a serious 80's tv comedy addiction when your 13 year old can quote Blackadder and The Young Ones at you.

    Love your interpretation of the themes. The giants looked great.


  5. Ahh that bed looks SO inviting right now. Hmmm bed.

  6. you take such great photos. Loved tangle and spring. I failed to take any pictures this month :(

  7. You have got to love Blackadder. When Percy looked like a bird that swallowed a plate I think I nearly cried :-) I also have a similar book addiction - how many of the 100 objects have you read about? I tried to read a couple a week last year and failed! Great photos and I enjoyed a nostalgic chuckle, Ellen x

  8. Beautiful shots - I love the Giants in Amazing!

  9. You and I think alike; we both chose books as "can't live without". Your tangle was very clever and I loved the pillows.

  10. Lovely Alex! I like your suitcase shot and I like your tangle shadow! I also did a tangly tree!! Great shots! (I see no tache!)

  11. Some really good ones there, the tangle of branches is good, my fav is the multi coloured one, such delicate pastels.
    Has to be Blackadder!
    Lisa x

  12. Great photos, I love your fort bed and the tree branch shadows.

  13. I'm still super jealous about the giants, but I'll take the 12 cool points and be smug that I've helped in the eating of said sticky subsatnce! :)

  14. Love old cases, and beds especially mine.

  15. Very creative selection of photos that I enjoyed. Your fort does look inviting and I can see why its an indulgence. The giant puppets are indeed amazing ~ can't imagine how long it took to visualize and then build and operate them. Vintage suitcases and your shadowy tangle are also super shots, as they all are!

  16. Those giants are amazing - what was the event? And as for book addiction I blame Amazon and the invention of the wish list - just too darn easy to just click and order another load of paper loveliness every month! I love real books, Kindles just don't do anything for me , you can't pass it on to a friend.

  17. Great set of photos - love the indulgence of a bed to yourself, and I really like those pretty yarns in your multicoloured shot. Actually, have just looked back through and can't pick a favourite - love them all!

  18. So many great photos, I like multicoloured, smile and spring.

  19. I managed one this month, just one!
    The Giants look amazing, and without sounding too weird, I want to climb into your bed. It looks so cosy! Love the duvet too, I've just purchased something very similar :-)

  20. Great set of photos. I absolutely love old luggage and yours fit the bill.

  21. Awesome set of photos! I really like on the move, tangle and in/out.

  22. When I saw your 1st photo it somehow looked familiar and then I saw the link to Dinefwr castle. We were ther not very long ago, it's a lovely place with wonderful views. Also, love your spring photo.

  23. Great pictures again Alex! I especially like Spring and Tangle!

    I didn't manage to get the whole set this month .. But have added what I did get!

    Sal x


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