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A Party Frock

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I was having the party frock horrors a few weeks ago.  I was madly in love with a French Connection green sequinned beauty but nearly had a fit when I looked at the price label.  I might well be a fan of sequins in the daytime but there is no way I could justify spending that much on one dress that, let's face it, would not get worn that often.  I was moaning on about the prospect of having to go naked to the party because there were NO NICE FROCKS ANYWHERE but then ping went my phone and my lovely pal Shell sent me a link to a divine frock on Amazon of all places. Not my usual port of call when looking for clothes online. It was from Strawberry Hill Cottage, was under £25 (score!) and best of all, it was green.  That girl knows me well.  Spookily, she hadn't heard me moaning and just come across it at random.  Fate.  Must be.

So, one party frock duly secured, I scrubbed myself up after work on Monday and headed out to Leaf for the Christmas meal with the gang from work, followed by deliciously strong cocktails at various bars in the city centre. A good night was definitely had.

This is my patented hide-the-matronly-upper-arms pose

This is just me being a complete div.  Oh well, tis party season after all!

The photos don't do the frock justice at all.  It's a wee bit 50s in style and the skirt is much fuller and the shape more flattering than it looks here.  However this house is notoriously terrible for taking outfit photos in (lights are in bizarre places, no plain white walls anywhere) and I didn't want to lug the SLR on a night out, so these photos will have to do!  I'm sure you'll see it in some outfit photos in the future.  My wardrobe has to earn its keep and this will look cute with a cardi and flats during the daytime too.  It's not just a party frock, although it does look fetching when accessorised with a party hat!

Dress - ex C&A stock
Jacket - Warehouse via Oxfam
Bag - H&M
Ring - vintage
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins

I also dressed Ffion for the evening as she's just about to move house and was having a wardrobe crisis, having managed to pack all of her party frocks.  Damn her for looking better in this than I do!

Frock - Ghost
Fake fur coat - vintage


  1. I love that shade of green on you, definitely a nice party dress! xx

  2. Seriously gorgeous, Alex! (The dress and you). Love the bold print and obviously, the colour! xxx

  3. OOoooh, it's lovely! The print reminds me of violin scrolls! Pretty Alex (and do I detect a smile?!?!!)

  4. Alex that dress is so incredible! You look so fab. Shell is a very useful friend indeed - I am so overwhelmed by dresses on Amazon, there's actually such a thing as too much choice! Totally amazing spot.

    Ffion looks super cute too - I love the jacket on her! Such a pretty dress too xxx

  5. darling, I LOVE that frock! You look totally gorgeous, and the diva pose is pure perfection! XXX

  6. You both look gorgeous!
    And I love your dress, perfect shade of green and lovely shape.

  7. Alex, that dress is fab-u-lous! Love your posing too x

  8. A seriously fabulous dress and at such a bargain price - you look gorgeous. Linda x

  9. As soon as I saw the first picture I said "she's so fancy" actually out loud. You look fab!

  10. Loving the fak fur on Ffion, very nice and your dress is very Joan/Betty Mad Men x

  11. Lovely outfit, great colour on the dress.

  12. You both look beautiful, I cannot believe how much of a bargain that dress was!

    Maria xxx

  13. You look gorgeous. I wish I had a Christmas work party to get dressed up to go to. Unfortunately ours is on Wednesday afternoon, so unless I want to go in a sparkly dress it looks like it will be just be boring work clothes for me

  14. I knew it had your name written all over it when I saw it.

    Shell xxx

  15. Alex you look amazing! Such a wonderful frock, this was certainly meant to be xxx

  16. LUSH!! And that colour is perfect on you!

    Merry Christmas

    Sal x

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