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A Sunday Jaunt

Sunday, 27 January 2013

"What? No brick wall?" I hear you cry.

That's right.  I actually took photos in public for once.  Hark at me.

I don't know how the rest of you do it.  The shame!  This was a nice quiet road but I was still mortified when someone appeared out of his front door a few houses down.  Well, it's his own fault for living in such a lovely house.

Dress - Closet @ Dorothy Perkins
Jacket - c/o French Connection
Shoes - ASOS
Rings - Matalan sale (black) & Dorothy Perkins sale (silver)
Clutch - H&M

When I grew too mortified to have my photo taken any more, I wrestled back control of the camera and we went a-wandering around the Georgian Quarter.  It's by far my favourite part of Liverpool city centre.  Let's face it, all of it is pretty fantastic - Liverpool One has all the big shops and restaurants, Bold Street has all the interesting shops and restaurants, the waterfront is rather spectacular and everywhere and everything else you discover has something to recommend it.

I adore Georgian buildings though and we have an awful lot of them.  Not as many as we had 30 or 40 years ago due to some extremely dodgy planning decisions, but enough to mean that the streets feature quite often in films and tv programmes.  Definitely worth taking a detour through when on the way to Sunday lunch!

And it was a damn good lunch.  We went to Host, which I've walked past about a million times but have never been to before.  I was super impressed - they've actually taken the effort to create gluten and dairy free menus which made life a lot easier for us!  Eating out for me is usually accompanied by involved and lengthy discussions with waiters about ingredients and substitutions and frankly, it's a pain in the arse.  This wasn't.  And it tasted amazing: the biggest and best onion bhajis I've ever had, followed by duck and lychee red curry.

So yes, come and visit Liverpool.  It's ace.  Full of beautiful buildings and fun things to do.  Although often quite windy...

God, I'm such a nerd. You'd never find the cool bloggers hitting publish on a post that included a daft photo like that one.

Here, having a soothing, arty shot of one of Liverpool's two cathedrals instead. Biggest Anglican cathedral in the world don't you know?


  1. Yay, my lovely hometown. For all it's faults I love it still. I adore the Georgian Quarter. Really must visit it more. I want to go at night time and walk around pretending I'm in Victorian times. That weird?!

  2. You've made me want to plan a girly weekend away to Liverpool now! It'll have to wait, sadly...
    Your dress is absolutley GORGEOUS! The colour, the cut, everything! Absolutly gorgeous! :) xo

  3. Georgian Liverpool and those onion bhajis look amazing.
    And all that lovely blue sky and the pretty colour of your dress. Way-hay...Spring IS on its' way!
    Z xx

  4. I haven't been to Liverpool for a few years, I want to go this year :)

  5. Ooooh, outfit shots out and about! Love your outfit, that dress is a gorgeous shade x

  6. Lovely photos, that house is gorgeous.
    I love the boots on, and that jacket is wonderful.

  7. That dress is so lovely! It's okay I wouldn't dare have a outfit photo taken outside in public either, that background is indeed very beautiful indeed xxx

  8. Lovely dress. I've also been caught by the wind in Liverpool ... I was wearing a maxi and platforms and big hair (when in rome etc') and ended up almost taking off!! Back to my London straighteners and skinny jeans lol.

  9. I'm making it my mission this year to visit Liverpool, I've been meaning to for far too long! The buildings are indeed lovely, reminiscent of Dublin. And you know what? I love a good iron shoe-scraper!

  10. Shamefully I've never been to Liverpool. Great to see that there's more than The Beatles to tempt me! The Georgian Quarter looks amazing, perfect for getting some inspiration for the frontage of our house.
    Loving those tapestry boots and your cheeky, windswept pose. Pah! Who wants perfectly posed, professional blog shots anyway? xxxx

  11. what a lovely place for photos, and that dress is gorgeous. I always find myself cursing children/dog walkers/joggers who happen to pass nearby when I take photos. It always seems like the whole world chooses that moment to pass by, grrr. love the outtake one! xx

  12. I definitely need to visit Liverpool, it looks lovely!

    Maria xxx

  13. good for you - I still haven't taken any public shots!

    Those houses look amazing, but I have all this talk of onion bhajis and duck and lychee red curry really caught my attention!

    Maybe that''s because it's lunchtime...

  14. Love your shoes! I've never been to Liverpool but it looks like it's a great place to wander around xx

  15. Gorgeous photos Alex and I am so in love with those shoes xo

  16. Ha ha, love the 'oh my goodness, my knickers are just about to be on camera' shot! Nice place to pose! I love Georgian buildings too!

  17. I love seeing a different backdrop! I have to admit to being exactly the same, it's so cringy getting caught or attempting any sort of outdoor shoot. I used to try and take shoe-shots on the front path when our garden was really overgrown and out the back (we have a 6 foot fence) and even then I was completely paranoid someone was watching me from the houses! Love your outfit and LOVE that last pic of you : )

  18. I've never been to Liverpool, need to sort this out soon!

  19. You are the first blogger i have found who is also from Liverpool !
    I love your photo's and must agree the georgian quarter is pretty gorgeous :)
    New follower xx
    Launa xx

  20. Aah you look gorgeous in these photos - really love that colour on you and your leather jacket. Worth the shame of public photos!

  21. A fellow Liverpudlian blogger! I love it! :D Great outfit too :)



  22. My brother AND my sister both lived in Falkner Street for a while (at different times) I always dreamed I would far no luck! I love Liverpool - you make me slightly homesick!


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