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Bed and Blinkbox

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I have a funny attitude to technology. I either scorn it or entirely fail understand the appeal of it and it takes me a long, long time to eventually join in with the masses and become hooked on whatever it is. Mobile phones back in the day, iPhones more recently, then Kindles, Twitter and now iPads. I'm suprised I ever managed to get my head around blogging.  I'm still about the only person I know who's never been on Facebook.

Anyway, I was jamtastic enough to get an iPad for Christmas and I love it. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone that has one but it's just so useful! I wasn't quite expecting it to be so good. It's like my phone but bigger and therefore a million times better for entertainmenty type things.

I love it so much I bought it this pretty polka dot case.

I've turned into quite the gamer since I got it. Newsflash: games are better on an iPad than an iPhone. I'm now mildly obsessed with Hay Day and Mirrors of Albion.

But it's also super useful as a portable mini tv and I've finally discovered the joys of being able to watch tv online. I've got the BBC iplayer app, the ITV one and the 4OD one. I even have Sky Go on there courtesy of my excellent brother and his generosity when it comes to his Sky package. It's much easier to curl up in bed with my iPad than it is to do battle with the shit tv in my room. Honestly, it drives me mad. It never bloody works. I'm going to end up throwing it out of the window one day, rock star style.  It's much, much easier to tap on an app and have the programme of my choice up on the screen within seconds.

Blinkbox very kindly gave me some free codes to try out and review their service and I rubbed my hands together with glee. It runs via tvs and computers as well but I think we have established that I like using my iPad, haven't we? Once I'd decided whether I'd rather try out tv or film (tv won, just) I set about the tricky task of deciding which episodes and shows I wanted.

The winners were:

  • Private Plane from Blackadder Goes Forth because Lord Flashheart drawling "well this isn't a reasonable use of my time and resources but I'm gonna do it anyway" is one of my favourite lines of all time.
  • Noël from series 2 of The West Wing because I adore Josh, the cello music is stunning and it all makes me cry.
  • Winter Is Coming, the first episode of series 1 of Game of Thrones. Mostly because I really love the books and have been avoiding watching it in case it ruins them for me, but I can't hold out any longer.

They're happily living on my iPad and I can watch them whenever I want, even with no wifi. Hurrah! I also succumbed to the lure of their cracking Movie Monday offer and bought Jackpot for 99p. I missed seeing it at the cinema and although that 99p hasn't bought me the film, it's got me a 30 day rental and that's a bargain as far as I'm concerned.

There was nothing else to do but make myself a cup of tea and a fishfinger sandwich, then curl up under the duvet for a warm, snuggly evening of bliss and excellent tv.


  1. YOU'VE MADE ME WANT ONE! Damn it. xx

  2. I didn't realise that Blinkbox did TV too, amazing!

    Maria xxx

  3. I so don't get the iPad thing. Sorry to the world, but I don't.
    But then, the internet isn't really a way for me to relax, as I spend so much of my work life on there. Give me a good book or a craft project any day.

  4. "I'm still about the only person I know who's never been on Facebook."
    Yep, me too! Despite the comstant niggles by my family!

    Fish finger sarnies sound great!!!x

  5. I'm pretty sure I used to have exactly the same cat mug!

    Like Char, I still don't really get ipads despite having had a shot on my friend's one last night. It was fun playing about with the touchscreen, but I still don't know what the point in it is, other than it's lighter to carry than a laptop.

  6. Well this interesting. I gots a tablet for my birthday!

    What I really want to do though is be able to watch tv/films when I'm on my stupid train journeys that I always seem to be doing but wasn't sure how I'd do it without wifi access - maybe this is my salvation?!

  7. My wee nephew is 4 and was showing me how to work Daddy's i-pad and the 6 year old has his own i-phone, it freaks me out and makes me feel like such an old Granny!


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