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Sunday, 28 April 2013

I love Liverpool.  Mock it at your peril cos I will get ferocious to defend it.  There's one thing about it that can't be denied though: it's a long old way from London.  We Northern bloggers can feel a long way removed from most of the social whirl that surrounds this odd hobby of ours.

Even if I was on those PR lists that mean automatic invitations to all the cool events (I'm not), it would have to be something pretty amazing to make it worth spending 4 hours on a train and taking time off work.   I don't have a chip on my shoulder about it or anything - it makes perfect sense for things to take place in the capital.  It'd just be nice if there was the odd bit of recognition that not everyone lives there.

Events that take place in Liverpool are much rarer but when they do happen, I say "yoicks" and do my very best to get to them.  So last Thursday saw me meeting up with Liverpool lovelies Laura and Frances to have a shop and a bop at TK Maxx.

The Silent Disco featured some ace music but I don't really do dancing, so I limited myself to a little bit of jaunty shuffling around the aisles instead. Mostly in my natural habitat, the shoe department.

This fella had no such inhibitions!

The mojitos were fab and the shiny gift card we got given upon leaving was even better!

There's another TK Maxx store close(ish) to my house so I had a little end-of-the-week shopping trip there with my mum. Well, she had a whale of a time buying herself a handbag and loads of stuff for her summer holiday and even a potential outfit for my brother's wedding (organised! It's not till October!). I resisted the lure of all the impractical Dune and Nine West high heels and spent my giftcard wisely instead:

What do you mean, I only buy green things? That is clearly not true. I also bought something black but it's a Top Secret Birthday Present so you'll have to trust me on that.


  1. Pretty blue shoes...I have them in pink; also from TK and also red labelled, from last summer. They are so cute!
    The cardi looks lovely. I'm trying to get to wear some more fine knit things, they just look kinda smart.
    Shopping & bopping eh? Someone's obviously watched the CCTV of me in our local store(!) and decided to add mojitos into the equation!
    Z xx

  2. TK Maxx is such a treasure trove - I think it's impossible not to find something rather delightful inside! I love that you chose wisely in your choice (Having met you, I don't think I could imagine you not wearing some element of green). xxx

  3. Oh those SHOES! So pretty! Xo

  4. Glitter shoes are always a winner! Thanks for the heads up on this event Alex, it was great to see you and Frances again x

  5. Much amused by your final comments - one of the reasons I visit your blog is see green things!

  6. Heehee, looks like a great event and those drinks are making me so thirsty! The London thing can be annoying, everyone just assumes if you blog, you live in London! I often get invited to things, but being in Scotland I feel even more cut-off from things. I would have to stay overnight and it would cost hundreds of £'s for hotel and travel, so I have to turn them all down no matter how fabby they sound. I have no idea how non-Londoners can afford to go to any of the events!

  7. Looks great fun! I like your choices! Practical shoes with glitter on are always a sound choice! x

  8. glitter!!! wise choice x

  9. Green AND glittery - cant argue with those beans x

  10. I love silent discos! I've only been to one, but I would love to go again!

  11. I love the glittery shoes! And yes to more stuff outside of London, I wish I could go to more blog events!

    Maria xxx

  12. Hey! I just moved to Chester and want to meet bloggers and such! We should have a blogger meet up soooon! :)


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