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Eating Out in Liverpool: Free State Kitchen

Friday, 3 May 2013

Liverpool is great.  You all know this, right?  Well, should you need persuading further, I've decided to start featuring some of the good things about the city - shops, restaurants, things to see and do.  I'm guilty of writing lots about holidays I go on and city breaks I take but my beloved home city never seems to get the same attention.  This will change!

Liverpool One has a lot of big chain restaurants but other than Yo Sushi and Wagamama, I tend not to bother eating there much.  Most of the interesting places are at the other end of town and there are loads of new restaurants popping up around the city at the moment.  I've been hearing good things about Free State Kitchen recently so it was top of my list to try. First impressions were good! Very welcoming staff, nice location and generally a nice vibe about the place.


The benefit of being a few minutes walk out of the main city centre streets is that you also get a space like this:

It's not quite finished yet - they were busily watering the new turf while we were there - but it's going to make the most amazing garden space this summer.  We're due a proper summer for once and I plan on taking advantage of and eating/drinking outdoors wherever possible!

Papa Odd Socks (sporting a Frank Zappa tshirt) accompanied me on this visit. 

So, what did we eat?

Maryland crab cakes. They were delicious (and I don't even like seafood that much, so that speaks volumes).

Sweetcorn fritters. Yum!

The Scooch. Which I did order without cheese but the eagle eyed amongst you may spot a layer of it in there. They were super apologetic and made me a fresh one in double quick time, so that's fine by me! It was really, really tasty and those chips were divine.

Free State Dog.

Blueberry cheesecake. Dad ate both of those, not me (due to my stupid dairy allergy) and good noises were made, especially about the cheesecake which he proclaimed to be exceptionally nice.

It wasn't expensive either. I'll definitely be going back! 

If you want to pay them a visit, Free State Kitchen is just off Hope Street, near the Metropolitan Cathedral.


  1. Yuuuuum!!! I'd go there!x

  2. I adore independent eateries! This looks great. Will bookmark for if I head to Liverpool :)

  3. This looks incredible and those sweetcorn fritters sound amazing! My dad is moving up near Liverpool soon so I will be paying lots of visits!

    Maria xxx

  4. Ooh it all looks and sounds delicious! I need to come back to Liverpool soon! x


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