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Monday, 20 May 2013

Getting dressed can be quite hard.

I know that sounds more than a little ridiculous. No-one in their right mind could stand at my wardrobe and think that it was understocked. It's just that sometimes it's hard to find something interesting to wear and even harder to find something that I want to blog about. I've talked about the notion of a "blogworthy" outfit before and I'm not opposed to featuring the same items in numerous outfit posts over time but, let's face it, no-one is going to want to read a blog post or look at an outfit that's virtually identical to one from the week before.

Add to that a healthy dose of feeling-fat-itis and wondering if I'll ever get back to looking like I did 18 months ago and an even healthier dose of where-has-all-my-money-gone-this-month (answer: not on clothes. On passports and other massively overpriced official documentation) and you have one fashion blogger who doesn't want to take photos of her outfits much at the moment.

Luckily Char came to the rescue and arrived at my house yesterday morning with a frock of great beauty. It's the same pattern as my beloved Victoria Plum frock but made a couple of inches shorter this time.  It had to be photographed.  Go and tell her how clever she is please!

Isn't the fabric brilliant?

I adore toile and absolutely had to buy this green version when I saw it in a fabric shop.  It's been lurking in a bag since then as I wasn't brave enough to cut into it but luckily Char is far superior to me at making things and is also super generous about agreeing to do them!

I think it's curtain material but since when did that matter? Soft furnishings make good clothes: Julie Andrews taught us that.  It's mostly floral but there are some ace little features dotted around.

Leg! Gate!

I love her face. It's all "Oh ffs. Can't you see that I'm READING?"

Dress - made by Char
Cardi - H&M sale
Shoes & bag - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Love her annoyed face, Char is super talented! Such a nice shape and length, perfect x

  2. This is amazing! Char is so talented (and productive!) xx

  3. This dress is BEAUTIFUL, well done Char! I know exactly what you mean with heifer-itis too although I think you look lovely! :(

    Maria xxx

  4. I'm a big fan of toile at the moment. Got an amazing duvet set in Matalan that is toile one side, stripes the other.
    Great dress. x

  5. That dress is seriously the most stunning thing ever x

  6. It's gorgeous! Char is so talented!

  7. Ooh I love it, the fabric is perfect! I'm guessing you have a similar reading face... ;)

  8. "Soft furnishings make good clothes: Julie Andrews taught us that."- mwa ha ha!!!! I love your dress- so so nice! Char is a genius!x

  9. Fabulous fabric. Absolutely love it!

  10. I'm so glad you like it and it was ok - I always get The Fear when I make anything for anyone else.

  11. Lovely Alex, my all time fav is your Beatrix Potter dress. Would love to see it again :))

  12. Firstly how amazingly talented is Char? And secondly you are the queen of toile, such a glorious print Alex, very well chosen xxx

  13. That's an awesome print - love love love the 'FFS, I'm reading' lady. I just got a rather nice toile duvet cover for my spare room from M&S. It has the woman on the swing from the Fragonard picture (and possibly other famous arty stuff which I just haven't recognised)

    In awe of dress makery people, she's a genius.


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