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Hideous Frocks: The ASOS Edition

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Here I am again, taking one for the team and bringing you the very worst of the frocks section of the ASOS sale. I can't resist an anti-wishlist post.

This is by far the worst. I can't get my head round it. I wouldn't ever recommend going on a night out in your bra and pants and this "dress" is essentially the same thing.

*snorks to self* I..I just...I have no words...

This is undoubtedly very pretty fabric and you're probably all "Whuuuut? Why has she picked it?" Well, it's because this frock is so smocky that they haven't dared to take a photo of the model wearing it normally. Because it looks like a complete sack no matter what they do.

Cheapy cheapy cheap cheap. Also v.low cut at the front and back. Not a good idea.

PINK FRINGED BOOBS! You know you want them.

You too could pay £88 (and that's the sale price!) to look this tacky.

Those of you who harbour Carrie Bradshaw/swan fantasies will probably love this. I think it looks ridiculous. And what's with the shoes??

Want to see two of the vilest maxi dresses I've ever seen? Course you do!

Why? Just why? Also, why those minging shoes with it?

She looks about as happy to be wearing this as I am to be looking at it. Literally nothing about it is nice.

I can't subject my eyes to any more torture today, so I'll have to leave you with that selection of dresses. But before I go, check out this pair of monstrous shoes that Char found.



  1. WHYYYYYYYYY?! why do they exist? yuk

  2. hahhhh, I think I spotted that smock dress and equally thought that it looked far too sack-like. those shoes are horrid and some of those dresses... they really are no words!x

  3. hideous, all of them.

  4. Good grief, and to think SOMEONE will probably buy these pieces! Xo

  5. Not just pink fringed boobs, but ombre pink fringed boobs *said in M&S fashion". My brain can't quite comprehend how hideous some of those are. The first and second one.... just..... why?!?

  6. I love these posts that you do. The weird ruffle insert and pink maxi sack. Holy fucking goodness, WHY?! I want to like the fringe boobs thing (yeah, I know, you're judging) but seriously, FRINGED BOOBS?!

  7. loved this! properly minging fashion right there!

  8. I love these posts, but I have to admit to liking the smock dress. But those maxi dresses are the WORST! How can you do that to a dress? They should seriously sack the stylist too, none of the shoes seem to work either...

  9. After that thing with the yellow polka dots my brain just couldn't see anything else. There's a reason they're in the sale.....

  10. Those shoes! That ruffley dress! Wow, there are no words!

    Maria xxx

    P.S. Apologies for the excessive exclamation marks!

  11. The pink fringed boobs made me laugh out loud. Thanks, I really needed that.

  12. I'm guessing this wasn't a commissioned post then, Alex! :)

  13. I still sort of like the smock one. Even though I would look like Sack-face!


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