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I Hate Jeans Shopping

Thursday, 13 June 2013

I spent last week in a variety of dresses, skirts and sandals. Well, it was glorious weather. You've got to get your legs out when the (rare) opportunity strikes, haven't you? Then I got midge bites all over the back of my thighs. Then it got cold.

I was quite happy to pull my jeans back on. Faithful jeans.

I maintain that jeans shopping is one of the most unpleasant things around. What a deeply, deeply awful process it is. Every shop and every brand are wildly different. You can't just pick up a standard size and expect it to fit. A slightly different cut or fabric, even in the same shop, can mean you need to go up two sizes just to get the buggers over your thighs. I always end up crying in a changing room, feeling the size of a hippo, surrounded by an enormous variety of jeans that all manage to make me feel and look awful. I HATE IT.

I could always rely on Dorothy Perkins short skinny indigo jeans but they changed the cut and I put on a bit of weight and suddenly, dramatically, we fell out of love. I did without for a few months, then dived into Gap on a whim, grabbed two pairs off the shelf and tried them on. Two minutes later I was walking out of the store with a carrier bag in hand and a smile on my face. Easiest jeans shopping trip ever! And they were on offer. I think that was the sort of denim-based good fortune that only happens once in a blue moon.

Woop, check out my button swapping skills. This shirt is lovely but came with revolting gold buttons, half of which were missing (it's Primark, I wasn't surprised). I bought nice blue ones instead.

Shirt - Primark
Vest top & ring - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Irregular Choice
Necklace - Sunday Girl


  1. Hi Alex, I know exactly what you mean about jeans shopping. Fortunately Uniqlo is usually quite good for me and I'm only a size 12 at Uniqlo - even better. Primark is the worst and talking of Primark,love those blue buttons on that shirt - you are a genius. xx

  2. I detest jeans shopping too, especially now I'm losing a bit of weight and I'm in between sizes. I'm still looking for my perfect pair skinny jeans!

    Mollie xo

  3. Oh Alox I'm the opposite I love jeans shopping! Love it. could be my favorite item to shop for! x

  4. SHOE TWINS! I hate jeans shopping. They never fit me all over - I must have humongous thighs and a tiny waist, and that's before even thinking about length :( Intrigued to try some of Topshop's high-waisted Joni ones though (not least cos I love Joni Mitchell!) xx

  5. Ugh. Don't. I really need more jeans but I just don't think I can muster up the energy.

  6. I hate jeans shopping too- I haven't checked GAP in years though...thanks for the heads up x

  7. CAT SHOES! I only have one pair of jeans and the gape at the back. I would love a pair of black skinny jeans that I don't ooze out of x

  8. Like you I will be back to the faithful Jeans as it's beginning to feel a little nippy again. I love the new buttons on the blouse, they make sure a difference.

    x x

  9. I hate jeans shopping! I invariably go to Dorothy Perkins now, I trust noone else! Perhaps GAP could be a saviour for me too though. Fingers crossed! xx

  10. I dread shopping for jeans but recently found a pair in a charity shop and bagged them without trying them - at £3.75 I figured it didn't matter if they ended up back in the shop - they fit like a dream *happy dance*.
    Love the shirt - what is it with gold buttons at the moment? Yuck.

  11. I swear by the Topshop Kristen ones but after a couple of years they need replacing, I'm not looking forward to that shopping trip!

    Maria xxx


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