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Monday, 5 August 2013

I was going to launch another hideous shoes post upon you, I really was. But during an epic hunt for a birthday present for one of my best friends, I discovered that the sales are actually quite full of beautiful shoes that I want to buy. This never happens!

Because it's me we're talking about, naturally all these nice things appear when I've got no money cos I've spent it all on jaunts to Edinburgh and Dublin and tedious things like passport renewals (how much?!), so I'll just have to admire from afar. Oh well.

It's kinda killing me that these Dolcis ballerinas are so flipping pretty and not available in a size 6. Waaaahhhhhh! I'd totally have found the money for them.

I've turned into such a magpie lately. If it's glittery I want it. Case in point: these Jessica Simpson heels are pink and I still want them.

These Kurt Geiger ones are a little more restrained but I still couldn't really walk in them. I'd just stroke them every now and then. That's not weird.

Hello there sparkly green shoes. Why do you not live with me already?

I am also being vaguely sensible in my admiration though. These ASOS beauts are super classy.

And I really like this two-tone pair, also from ASOS. They get some stick in my hideous shoes and hideous frocks posts but I'll be fair - they also have some lovely, lovely stuff.

It's not long till autumn and my perennial hunt for knee high boots that will fit my massive calves continues. Perhaps this Moda In Pelle pair will do the trick?


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  2. Thanks for sharing..
    They are so beautiful..


  3. ooooh looving that green sparkly pair, very fun x

  4. OOOh im liking the green sparklies :D

    Sal x

  5. Those sparkly greens really do need to be yours and hello mods in pelle boots, come and live with me... Yum yum.

  6. I used to have a handbag that was made of exactly the same stuff as those green flats...I loved it to death,

  7. I, too, suffer from massive calves - just ordered some custom tall boots from They arrive this week, so fingers crossed I measured them correctly!


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