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Monday, 12 August 2013

I shall blame the purchase of this jumper on two things: my love of Harry Potter and Gem's persuasive ways. When we were living it up in Warwick we got chatting about how much I loved the jumper when she'd blogged about it and then she revealed it was in the sale on The Orphan's Arms outlet site. Well, I had to buy it, didn't I?

It arrived and I was torn between thinking "ZOMG I love you" and "Waaah, something this short won't flatter my awful stomach". Normally my sensible head would make me send it back but my impractical head won out in this instance. I'll just have to be careful what I wear it with. It's starting to turn into the right sort of weather to wear thin jumpers over frocks, so that's what I did.

Chuck in a nice pair of heels and I think that makes it dressy enough for work, don't you? Irregular Choice shoes always improve an outfit. This is why I own so many of them! These particular ones are very old but a real favourite of mine. Just the perfect heel height to wear all day and not end up with ruined feet.

I felt like this was an appropriate level of owl/literary themed rings for one outfit.
Dress - Matalan £5 sale
Jumper - The Orphan's Arms
Heels - Irregular Choice via ebay
Owl ring - Landbaby
Once Upon A Time ring - MerCurios
Owl & book ring - present from Char


  1. love it and I may have to buy the black one now. I wore mine over a pinafore dress that don't get much wear out of the other day and have worn it with a pleated leather skirt. i was worried because it's so short but it looks fine on x

  2. What a genius way to wear it! I wore a top today that keeps riding up, but over a dress no problem! Monochrome owls and polka dots are far too cute a combination for words. Bravo,.

  3. I always love the idea of wearing jumpers over dresses, but I end up being too hot. I wish I could work the layering thing.

  4. This outfit is lovely and i really love the jumper on you but I am most excited about the OWLS!

    Maria xxx

  5. Argh, that owl on a book ring is soooo cute! I'm the same with jumpers, I know they won't suit me, but I kept the unicorn one I bought last year, just because I couldn't part with something so pretty. I just feel so 'boxy' in 'em!


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