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Sexy Big Pants

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion bloggers don't talk much about what goes underneath the clothes. Well, things are about to change! If you've ever been shopping with me then you'll probably know that I don't really do matchy matchy underwear. Why not? Well, you know my thoughts on socks. Is it likely that my bra and pants would match either? Not really!

In the spirit of openness I will hereby reveal another secret reason for this sartorial choice to you: I am fussy about pants. They must be nice fabric and I like them big. That's why sets very rarely take my fancy. Many a bra has been purchased, leaving the matching pants firmly behind on the rail. They're so often either nylon and nasty or some bum-flossing thong contraption and neither of those are going anywhere near my derriere! Plus I have a rather grim stomach which I prefer to keep covered up (the nasty side of having lost a lot of weight - it's not all positive!) so my current pant of choice are those black shorts which comes in a pack of five from the supermarket. They might not be particularly glamorous but they're plain and comfy and that'll do me.

My eyes were opened to more glamorous possibilities when I discovered Sexy Big Pants recently though. Check out the top photo! Aren't they gorgeous? Living proof that big knickers can be beautiful.

I chose the Rachel design - couldn't resist the cheeky cutout! - and blimey, they're beautiful in real life. Even better than they look on the website and they're pretty damn good on there. Don't you just love that Italian lace panel? The attention to detail is stunning and they're ethically produced too - bonus!

Why yes, thank you, I am.

Black is so tricky to photograph, grrr. Here's the bow though!

See, big pants don't have to be granny pants and they don't have to be boring! I might not be modelling them for you in an outfit photo (I'll leave that to the gorgeous blonde model as her bum is way better than mine) but I'm wearing them right now and I can report back that they're utterly fab and are making me feel rather glam and sassy, despite the fact I have the plague.

All hail the big pants.



  1. these look awesome, I am a massive (haa) fan of big pants and equally fussy about the ones I buy and wear.

  2. Can't beat comfy pants and these look rather lovely too!
    Bet my big pants are bigger than yours!!
    Grrr! Plague! Bleurgh! Get better soon!
    Z xx

  3. I just can't wear high rise pants, they creep me out. I'm less fussy about what I wear, but all mine are cheap. Zero nice sets. Boo :( x
    Love the pretty pants you have featured.

  4. I have to wear cotton! I can't wear man made fibres and I also hate tight knickers or thongie things too! I don't mind big knickers, I prefer them to have low legs but I do prefer not to have my tummy covered (though my wedding knickers covered my tummy because I needed to have them and they actually weerent' bad!)x

  5. Well now, those are super sexy big pants. I'll be honest and I say I actually rather like matching bras & pants, but then tend to be special ones rather than everyday (I think you will like the emeral green Rosie for Authograph set I just bought actually) and therefore decent fabrics like silk. That said, the rest of my underwear tends to be plain, cotton and almost short like, but with slightly higher leg. I'll also confess to being an M&S girl through and through.

    These are just beautiful though, and We've ALL got dresses/outfits/events where pants that come up a bit higher to smooth everything over are necessary- wish I'd known about these for Monday under a silk jersey dress, it would have been amazing!

  6. Matchy matchy undies are certainly something I''ve grown into over the past few years, and now I do try to buy and wear only sets or matching plain colours. I love high-waisted pants.

  7. These are lovely, big pants are definitely the way forward!

    Maria xxx

  8. Oh I love the look of these I'll be checking them out for the annual 'haul it all in and hoy a frock on' Christmas event. xx

  9. They're gorgeous. I'm the opposite and usually buy the pants in a set but not the bra because they don't go up to my size. I like pretty-pretty underwear. I'd love matching, but more often than not, am not.

  10. Wow......really great design big pents !!
    Me also like this type pents feel comforts.


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