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Life's A Beach

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The following rules apply if you're from Liverpool:

1. Always dress up. Always.
2. Hair must be big, eyebrows must be groomed, makeup must be perfectly applied.
3. Going out in public in your pjs is entirely acceptable, as long as rule 2) is adhered to.
4. When it comes to shoes, go high or go home.
5. Basically, model yourself on Scouse Bird
6. Put up with no crap from anyone, especially not those who wear Uggs.

I will freely admit that I fail at all of the above, except for 6).  I am great at scorning people, especially if they wear terrible shoes. It's in my genes. What's not in my genes is the ability to give myself a curly blow, contour my makeup (is that even the right phrase?), spend 70% of my wages on new clothes or walk round all day in six inch heels.  I admire it but I can't do it.

I'm still a good Scouse girl at heart though. I'd like to think the rest of them don't scorn me for being a bit different. There's just as much room for vintage as there is for bodycon.  Plus it's not just about clothes, it's about attitude. I love where I live; it's the best city in the world.  I could wax lyrical for approximately 435789894573 blog posts about places I love and things to see and do here.

Culture and industry, that's my city.

Wallis set me a little challenge recently. What would I pick from their rather delicious new range of summer dresses that would suit life in Liverpool? Only one option really: JUMPSUIT! This pretty black floral jumpsuit, to be exact. Very appropriate for Liverpool (see 1. ) and totally practical for frolicking in the woods and at the beach!  Liverpool is more than just a city centre.

I wore it on a day out to the pine woods at Formby to spot some red squirrels and to visit the Iron Men (aka Another Place) in Crosby. They're very slightly outside the city centre but I adore them both and always take visitors to the city there. That counts, right?

It's boss, isn't it? (good Scouse word for you there)  And yes, I am both short and pear shaped. Remember what I said about attitude? No London-based magazine is going to lay down the law about what I can and can't wear. If I want to wear a jumpsuit, I'm flipping well going to wear one.

Jumpsuit - c/o Wallis
Shrug - Matalan
Sandals & bag - Primark
Rings - Dorothy Perkins
Bracelet - shell necklace from France

See that happy face? That's the face of a girl with a lush new item of clothing that doesn't need ironing. Muahaha. It's going to be the most versatile thing ever. Can't wait to whack on a black blazer, ridonkulously high heels and wear it out for drinks with the girls!



  1. You are rocking that jumpsuit lady! xx

  2. Amazing! You look fab! ( Anthony Gormley looks like he approves too..) X

  3. oooh this is the jumpsuit you mentioned, lovely stuff!

  4. Rocking that jumpsuit! fabulous choice. x

  5. Loving the jump suit and fabulous faces. Goodness knows I'd never make a spouse bird though.

  6. Love the jumpsuit!

    Did you see any squirrels? I always spend ages trying to spot them but I'm rubbish!

  7. Looking fabulous in your jumpsuit!

    X x

  8. You look amazing tin that jumpsuit. xxx

  9. You look really nice in it. Really nice. But you know what suits you, so I can't imagine you wearing something that does not look good on you. Magazine schnagazine!!

    Is that beach in Liverpool? I've never been but some day.

    Don't be a stranger-come and visit!!!!x

  10. You look lovely! The only thing putting me off trying a jumpsuit is the whole getting undressed to go to the loo point, I may just have to get over that tho ;)

  11. Nice! You look great. I really love those pics where you look into the camera and smile. beautiful!

  12. What a sweet jumpsuit! I agree on throwing the rules out the window!

  13. Um, I want to go on a Squirrel Walk?

  14. Love the jumpsuit on you. Very tempted to buy it myself.

  15. Love the jumpsuit on you. Very tempted to buy it myself.

  16. Slowly catching up on everyone's blog posts and HOLY MOLY you look ace here, off to buy this jumpsuit!

    Maria xxx


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