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Frumpy Florals

Friday, 9 May 2014

I'm a little undecided about this frock. Bit frumpy? Maybe. Am I massively bothered by this? Not really. Can't win them all.

The pics were taken on Tuesday when I was so tired after a monstrously busy Bank Holiday weekend at work that getting dressed at all was a triumph in itself. I was strongly tempted to roll into work in my Kermit onesie.  Oh, so tempted.

The frock looked better at 8.30am when it was freshly ironed and I hadn't sat down in it. Then I did and I discovered that it wrinkles like a mofo. Oh well.  A crinkly dress is not the end of the world, is it?  Especially when you bought it for buttons in a charity shop.

It's very pretty and it matches my jaunty red shoes, so that's good enough for me.

Spot the safety pin above though... I sense this frock is designed for someone with a longer torso or larger boobs than me. Pins were definitely required to preserve my modesty!

Dress - F&F via charity shop
Cardi - Tu
Waterproof pumps - Mel


  1. I'd reckon that a good half of my outfits lately have been held together with safety pins. You'd think I'd be less lazy when it comes to actually putting some stitches into something to hold it all together, but no.

  2. I like it, it's very pretty. And no, creases aren't the end of the world. Well done for getting dressed in the first place, some days I don't even manage that!

  3. It's pretty!!! I like! And I was (saddo!) smug at looking at your first picture and saying to myself, "Hmmm, they look like Mel shoes!" x

  4. I have that very same dress! I can't remember if I got it from a charity shop or from Tesco itself because I have had it since at least 2009. I like it on you!

  5. Loving the pattern on this dress, its very pretty.

    X x

  6. This looks great on you, like the frilly detail. I always have to safety pin or wear a slip under dresses due to boobage :(

  7. I have this dress! I got it for £7 years ago ( hehe, it is massively low cut, definitely needs a safety pin :)

    Maria xxx


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