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Monday, 27 October 2014

I think bed is one of the greatest inventions in the world.

Comfy mattress, clean sheets, big fluffy duvet, new pjs: that's my idea of heaven. Chuck in a book, a mug of coffee and Oscar for company and I'm well set to stay there all day. Perhaps the occasional foray downstairs to scavenge in the kitchen cupboards but you get my point.

I really like my bed.

Quite the fan of being asleep too! I have super vivid dreams - don't worry, I'm not going to detail them all in full for you. Nowt so boring as someone telling you about their dreams - and I also have the handy knack of being able to wake up, go back to sleep and pick up where I left off in the dream. Much fun.

I really think this helps contribute to the fact I am horrendous at getting up in the mornings though. Dreams are fun, waking up is not. I'm terrible at it. Can fake it to the extent that I'm capable of sounding awake, having a full conversation with someone, then rolling over and going back to sleep and having little to no recollection of it afterwards. About the only thing that will get me up is being hit in the face by the cat.

It has been known for people who despair of my snoozy ways to employ sneak tactics like texting me pictures of Moomins to horrify me into waking up but that's not really a long term solution. Damn effective in the short term though! *shudders*

I saw Rosie talking about Sleep Cycle on Twitter a week or so ago and I was really intrigued. I promptly paid iTunes the very reasonable price of 69p for the app, shoved the phone under the corner of my sheet and set about seeing what it would tell me about my time in bed.

It turns out that I was totally right when I thought that I slept like a dead person!

What else? Well, Oscar consistently bounces on me around the 6am mark demanding his breakfast:

My sleep quality is alright:

But I definitely go to bed too late:

The thing I'm really enjoying (other than the geeky pleasure from checking the graphs every morning) is the alarm function on it. You tell it when you want waking up by and it makes sure it rouses you gradually, so you're not in deep sleep when the alarm blares out. I'm definitely feeling less dead in the mornings and that's a huge improvement. Over the past few months it's been a positive if I wake up feeling tired rather than exhausted, so to actually feel vaguely normal first thing is brilliant!


  1. That sounds brilliant! I am HOPELESS at getting up!

  2. I've used something similar before, it was such an odd feeling to wake up naturally! Love this post, the pictures are so cute.

  3. I used to use this app- I'm so envious of your dead sleep- my graphs always used to look like a rollercoaster, showing me up in the awake bit 4-5 times over 7-8 hours.I should go back to using it, I forgot how good the alarm function is, that said now features is working, he's up first anyway.

  4. I used to use this, I haven't downloaded it onto the new phone because I was finding that my phone was running out of battery running it overnight.

  5. Sounds like a really interesting app. I'm either a very sound sleeper with vivid dreams, or I go through phases of being very wakeful at night (usually when I'm stressed). I could never go to bed so late though! I'm a 10pm in bed type (partly because I start work at 7am, so I really need to be awake and alert early).

  6. I've started using this one too - I've found if I give it half an hour to wake me up I feel so much more awake when I finally drag myself up! I'm hoping a combination of my new daylight alarm clock and using sleepcycle will help. Although, the cat doesn't seem to gave got the memo about the time shift...

  7. I really want one of these apps but of course the curse of the Windows phone strikes again and I haven't found one that works. So looking forward to getting rid of it!

    But anyway that picture of you and Oscar.... Too much!

  8. I could not get up this morning. Just wasn't happening. I LOVE dreams, I'm a big geek when it comes to analysing them, but I want to tell everyone every detail and they're never interested!

  9. I really need to try this, my sleep has been really disrupted recently and I don't know why. Love that photo of you and Oscar, he is so cute!

    Maria xxx


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