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A Gaudy New Coat Thing

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I'm not going to entitle this blog post "Two ways to wear a skater dress" because I'm sure you're all more than capable of dressing yourselves by now and can do it perfectly well without my help. Should you require it, well, I tend to wear my dresses by, y'know, putting them on my body. Not exactly a novel technique but it serves me well.

Having said that, a plain black skater dress is undeniably a most useful thing to own.  Et voila, worn here with my lovely green hedgehoggy jumper and favourite Mel flats for a day at work.

Then glammed up a tad. If by glamming up, we mean wearing something that could conceivably be classed as either a boxing robe or dressing gown. I shall christen it the Kimono Coat. Kimoat? Comono? Nahhh.

It's reversible! Bit more boxing robe-ish when worn with the black outside...

I'll stick to it the other way round I think. Pretty! Not dressing gowny at all, honest.

 So many different Flick Flack colourways but these are still my fave.

Painty hair - occupational hazard at the moment
Dress - H&M
Kimono thingy - Oxfam
Hedgehog jumper - ASOS
Flats - Mel
Shoes - Irregular Choice Flick Flack


  1. "you're all more than capable of dressing yourselves by now and can do it perfectly well without my help" hahahaha, brilliant! This is precisely why I enjoy reading your blog. Thumbs up for shiny kimono coats!

  2. your Kimoat looks like a hufflepuff robe!!!!

  3. I love the hedgehog jumper and the green shade is gorgeous, also that coat! I love the print and the colour - always puts a smile on my face when I come to your blog and see your wonderful outfit creations. - Tasha xxx

  4. I like it! Very boxer-ish black side, but yellow it's chic...even with paint hair!

  5. I LOVE the hedgehog jumper - so cute!

  6. oh, what a find - it's fab!

  7. I love this outfit, that hedgehog jumper is ace!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love the design. the Designer is awesome


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