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Can Thermals Ever Look Good?

Friday, 5 December 2014

I work in a very old building. Now this has many upsides and is mostly awesome but also comes with some rather large downsides. The main one is that the heating system is 130 years old and it doesn't cover my office (aka the cave. The cold, dark cave). Bah.

There are occasions in the chillier months when the clock hits 3pm and we're all still sitting there wearing coats, hats, scarves and gloves because it takes that flipping long to warm the place up with just a little electric heater.

I've been threatening to bring in a sleeping bag to cosy up in this winter but I don't think that's entirely appropriate for work.  Also, tricky to get in and out of when the door needs to be answered and I'm clumsy enough as it is. (Just got my foot stuck in my handbag handle and went flying approx 10  minutes ago)

I may have hit upon the ideal solution to office chilliness with these thermal denim trousers that Damart sent me.

Now I know thermals are not the most interesting of items usually but I'm honestly not just reviewing these for the sake of it. I was genuinely intrigued to see how trousers of all things could be thermal and look nice - this type of clothing is notorious for leaning heavily towards the frumpy old woman side of things.

Not so with this pair though! They look just like a normal pair of jeans, don't they? Happily for me, they have the advantage of being indigo (my favourite wash) and straight leg (my favourite cut). They're surprisingly thin so I was curious as to how they'd keep me warmer than a normal, thicker pair of jeans. Well, they've certainly done that. They are toasty. I am most pleased.

Also they look nice with my mega fun shoes. I don't often wear light coloured heels but these are great. Business at the front:

Party at the back:

Blazer - Warehouse via Oxfam
Jeans - c/o Damart
Top - Ruby Rocks
Shoes - Irregular Choice Baby Beauty



  1. Thermal trousers are clearly the most brilliant idea ever! x

  2. This is super clever- thermal jeans. I'm a fan of the Uniqlo heat tech top I have, except it's quite.... form fitting. Nobody needs to know that I ate quite so much for lunch....

  3. I would not have guessed that they were thermals. Which I suppose is the whole point. I love those shoes too xx

  4. Oh I need those. Already sick of wearing tights under my trousers.

  5. Thermal jeans! That's genius, hopefully they'll think of the tall cold people next! :)

  6. The answer to your question is yes!

  7. Thermal trousers! I need to get some of these!!
    Maria's Adventures

  8. Thermal jeans? Wow. I should not be this excited.


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