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Nearly Ready For Christmas

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Minor Christmas tree fail the other day. I wrestled it into the tree stand (not that easy to do by yourself) , got decorating and was most pleased with my efforts. Doesn't it fit nicely into the alcove?

Then I went out and came home a few hours later to see this:

TREE DOWN!!!! Nooooooooooooooo.

I was lucky that only one thing broke but it had to be the biggest, loveliest vintage bauble didn't it? Smashed to smithereens. Minor waaaah-ing took place but the tree was propped back up and doesn't appear to have made another bid for freedom. The massive stack of presents is probably helping keep it upright!

I'm having great fun decorating the rest of the house too! The living room is obviously Christmas Central:

But in the library I have advent corner:

With my truly beautiful advent calendar:

I pinched a leftover floral decoration from work to liven up the hall:

The stairs have been garlanded:

I've even decorated the bed!

Just need to have a quick hoover round the place and then I'm ready to put my feet up and dive into my stack of special festive books. Can't wait! I chuffing love Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone. I'm signing off for a week or so - I like my time offline over the holidays. Hope you all have a lovely time, full of as much food/drink/presents/family fun/peace and quiet as your heart desires.


  1. Your house is looking lovely, Alex. (I thought maybe you had a cat to blame the fall of the Christmas tree on!)
    Wishing you a happy and restful Christmas and New Year and best wishes to your mum also.

  2. I love your tree; I presumed you had a pet too - our dog used to knock all the bottom baubles off our tree.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Oh wow Alex- your house really is beautiful!x

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas Alex! x

  5. Wow! Your house looks amazing, and the epic tree fail makes me laugh (and you know what happens when I laugh!), have a lovely and very Merry Christmas Alex - you deserve it! Enjoy x x x

  6. Aww the tree looks lovely. Hope you enjoy your first Christmas in your new home :)

  7. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful, especially that Advent calendar! Sorry to hear about your bauble though, I bet you were gutted!

    Maria xxx


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