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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I can't wait for Wolf Hall to start on the BBC tomorrow. Controversial opinion coming up: I hated the way the book was written. I know it won all sorts of awards but it got on my nerves so much that I nearly couldn't finish it. I love the history of the Tudor period so much that I'll basically read anything set then, so I persevered, but the tv version is going to be so much more enjoyable for me. I can just tell.

(Might have something to do with Damien Lewis, my all time favourite posh fit ginge).

Ahem. Tudors! Here are some Tudor things I want:

I was tipped off about this Tatty Devine Tudor house necklace on Instagram by Char and I'm kinda in love.

Tudor pants, anyone? Twisted Twee make three different designs but I've always rather fancied these Anne Boleyn ones. It's a very close call between her and Catherine of Aragon for my favourite of the six wives but I'll tell you this for nothing: if you like Jane Seymour best then we cannot ever be friends.

I got my lovely Elizabeth I ring from Cheap Frills and I'm still hankering after their six wives charm bracelet (also comes as a necklace!)

If I ever do get round to making a Spoonflower fabric order then this Tudor quatrefoil design is going straight in my basket. It'd probably show up my utter inability to cut and sew in a straight line but what the hell. It's pretty.

Still waiting for Irregular Choice to knock my socks off with some Tudor style fabulous heels but I may be waiting a wee while for that. Ah well, wishful thinking never hurt anyone.

Shall we finish with some entirely gratuitous photos of Henry Cavill in The Tudors? Of course!


  1. I'm with ya with the Tudor period!

  2. I cannot express how annoyed I am that I am working late on both this, and next, Wednesdays.

  3. I loved Wolf Hall but I can also see very clearly why someone might find the writing style annoying or hard going. And I am SO excited about the TV series! I saw the play at the RSC last year and it was just fantastic, but giving the material a chance to spread out over 8 hours will be even better.

    (And I'm a Catherine Parr girl myself, helped along by her portrayal in the CJ Sansom Shardlake novels, but have a soft spot for scheming Anne Boleyn too)

  4. Mmm I'm all for some Henry Cavill! Although I'll have to spurn your Damien Lewis in favour of Domhnall Gleeson ;)

  5. Mmmm Cavill. Was watching him in Count of Monte Cristo the other night too, so young and pretty!

    I definitely think you need the Tudor pants.

  6. I still haven't read Wolf Hall and I must. But will have to track it down in the library....

  7. Wow, who knew there were so many Tudor style items out there. Those pants are crazy!

  8. I'm a Catherine Parr girl! Admired her greatly in the kiddie book I read about his wives! That necklace is insanely cute!x

  9. I don't think it's controversial to say you hated that book - I feel like it's literally the only response a sane person would have to reading it. I fricking hated every. single. minute. of that book. I hated it. Why did I keep reading it?! So much so that I have no interest in watching it on TV - mainly because it will actually make sense on TV because, you know, you'll actually know which character is speaking. I don't want people to watch it and go "Oh what a good story" because it ISN'T and you must suffer through the trauma of reading it before you are even allowed to contemplate watching it.

    Jane Seymour - what an insufferable sap.

  10. Henry Cavill, I need a moment to compose myself.

  11. I haven't ever managed to get beyond the first few pages of Wolf Hall but I imagine I will love the TV show. Henry Cavill is just lush and yes, Seymour is a total sap!

    Maria xxx

  12. oh the pants, the pants! You must purchase....

  13. I just adore all things Tudor! Thanks for featuring my bracelet x


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