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Hello Boys

Saturday, 14 February 2015

I still don't give a shit about Valentine's Day.

Howevs, it's quite the tradition around these parts to perve heartily at attractive men at this time of year. Not that I need any particular excuse to indulge my love for Mark Ruffalo.


  1. You can have the rest, but hands off Mark Ruffalo - he's mine!!

  2. We've got totally different taste in men, which means we'd be good going out together! My old flatmate and I had exactly the same taste and it caused trouble several times...until we met twins!!

  3. I love this, thank you for sharing, it really cheered up my lunchtime! ;)

    Maria xxx

  4. Got to admit, I don't know who most of these are.

  5. This has brightened up my day. I've always loved Aidan Turner after Being Human but he's looking seriously swoon worthy in Poldark.


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