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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I realised the other day that we're now into March and I haven't bought any new clothes since before Christmas last year. Not particularly by choice. I'm not on a spending ban or a no-new-clothes ban or anything. I'm just poor. Fun eh?

Ah well, I was never much of a shopper at the best of times and haul posts tend to make me feel a bit icky nowadays. I'd rather read about why you've bought something lovely and how you've chosen to style it up rather than seeing quite how mad you went in Primark.

This stuff is all old. Also mildly inappropriate for work but why break the habit of a lifetime?

Look, it makes me awkwardly happy to look like an accident in a soft furnishings shop.

Everyone loves a good pair of floral heels, don't they? This pair are mega. Short people like me need all the help they can get from a big pair of wedges.

Jumpsuit - Wallis
Blazer - Matalan
Tapestry wedges - present, via Office


  1. Holy hell you look awesome! That floral jumpsuit is the business.

  2. Hehe, fabulous florals !!

  3. Wow! That's great! I love the wedges!
    ~ Tea

  4. Just amazing! I wish I was tall enough for jump suits, at 5ft 2 they make me look like a small tree stump :( Absolutely love your shoes :)

  5. Kinda forgot I had these shoes (that's what happens when you've not worn clothes for a year I suppose). I like that jumpsuit on you. I haven't been to a shop (or remotely near one) in over a year, so it's been like an unofficial Primark spending ban! That's not to say I haven't been spending, but the hauls have been smaller and less often. Just seems wasteful when I'm not wearing any of the stuff.

  6. Ha, I love it, you curtain shop, you!!!! Are you going to dress up for World Book day tomorrow? Even though you're not a teacher, it seems like something you'd do- I am going to be D'Artagnan!!!!x

  7. Those shoes!! Oh my heavens above, gorgeous!
    I love the clashing prints. :)


  8. You look amazing here, I love that jumpsuit!

    Maria xxx

  9. If you're going to do florals - you might as well go all out and do them in style ;)
    Good to see you again - old friend.
    p.s Shopping isn't the best thing since sliced bread, we all know that.
    x x x


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