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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Huzzah. Tis Valentine's Day, aka time to rejoice over the sexiness of sexy men. Previous lustfests can be found here.

Topping my personal list this year are these two absolute beauts.

And posh boys with cats.

I much prefer Speccy Hemworth to Thor, don't you?

Soz, it's pretty much all actors this year. Have I been watching a lot of Netflix? Yes, yes I have. Suits is great btw.

If you don't like Stanley Tucci then I'm afraid there's something wrong with you.

As if Jurgen Klopp came to where I work on one of my days off. AS IF. (The volunteers were most impressed with how charming he was).

Oh Neville. You grew up fiiiiiine.

I have not one but TWO new favourite skinny wretches this year. Basically obsessed with The Flash and Tattoo Fixers right now.

I'm still extremely fond of a fit ginge.

And Matt Damon, specially as Jason Bourne.

Finally, the eternal loveliness that is Mr Cavill. I wish he'd bulk down a bit but you can't have everything. He is still very pretty.

Bonus: these two. Because ermagerd, The Man From U.N.C.L.E has some serious repressed sex appeal going on.


  1. I can't believe my long term boyfriend didn't make the cut. I speak of Mr Aidan Turner. Of course since Poldark we can't go out as much, but y'know, suits me...

    Also obsessed with Tattoo Fixers. Made my parents watch it and my Mum's verdict on Sketch was that he'd be 'quite good looking without the tattoos and silly hair'.

  2. Oh yes, I love this time of year for this reason only! Chris Hemsworth just never looks bad, does he? Although I must admit, I have a thing for long haired boys... I'm a bit worried about how obsessed I still am with Domhnall Gleeson, especially since he still hasn't found me and fallen in love. I'll give him a bit longer, I think... Also I agree about Aiden Turner, he was lovely in that Agatha Christie thing at Christmas :)

  3. So much YES. Domhall Gleeson, Hiddleston, Oscar Isaacs *drool* Although I have to say my football manager of choice is Pep Guardiola - it's very convenient that he's the new Man City manager, my boyfriend now thinks I enjoy watching football with him!

  4. Yes. Yes to all of the above. Especially Eddie Sketch. Yes yes yes. Good show xxx

    1. Sorry, got excited with my typing. Eddie and Sketch, not Eddie Sketch xxx

  5. I always love reading your lust lists! Even if I'd disagree with most of them, which I'm sure I've mentioned before as being a good thing. I find that Mark Ruffalo guy really wooden, I'm genuinely surprised he's done so well and is in so many things. Chris Hemsworth will forever be top of my lust list, he's just SO hot and I love how laidback/couldn't give a sh*t he is. He doesn't even try! My football manager would have to be Jose's funny my Mum actually went into panic mode when he was sacked "he will get a job here, won't he?". Like she couldn't imagine another football season without his face on TV! I'd add Michael Ealy, I just can't get over his eyes, I'm obsessed. Usher, Orlando Bloom, Eddie Cahill especially as Flack in CSI: NY, Dean Winchester and my 'guilty' one would be Sully (Joe Lando) from Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. With his long hair, he's just not the same without it.

  6. Hahaha love this. Happy Valentine's Day to us all :)

    Lizzie Dripping


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