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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My glasses addiction is getting nearly as bad as my shoe habit. I only used to have two pairs. For years and years, that was it, then at last count I somehow had eleven. How did that happen? And I'm still on the hunt for the elusive perfect green pair. Luckily Glasses Direct keep enabling me. Previously I've known exactly what I wanted from there and just ordered it but this time I was tempted by ALL THE THINGS. What's a girl to do but give the free home trial a go?

Yup, I mainly went for Scout glasses - they have such a nice colourful range that I always gravitate towards them when I'm browsing. The home trial option is super speedy and has the added bonus that you can do a mini specs parade in the office and get the team to help you decide which make you look most beautiful, rather than standing in an opticians and squinting blindly at the mirror. Score.

Alas my face was not playing ball when I tried to take trial pics of all the specs so you'll have to take my word for it that I looked extremely beautiful in all of them (naturally!). In summary, working from top to bottom in the above pic:

- Lush!
- Too big and chunky for my face.
- Ok but not a wow.
- Ace!

So I'd narrowed it down to red specs and Stormtrooper specs:

It was a hard choice but I went for...


Emily by Scout, to be exact. They are super duper lightweight (so light that you put them on and think "huh, these don't feel like there's anything on my face") with a lovely matt effect finish. It always takes me ages to get used to new glasses when they're a different shape and I battled for ages with not thinking I suited bigger frames but I was smitten with these straight away. All hail the big frames!

And while Glasses Direct were kind enough to send me this pair for review, because they're lovely like that, I do spend my own hard-earned cash with them as well. When their offers are that good, you kinda have to! I treated myself to a nice blue-framed pair of Scout Firework glasses and this Festival pair with a sunglasses tint on the lenses just before my January holiday. Total cost £55. Is it any wonder I've ended up with so many pairs?!



  1. These look lovely. I need to get my eyes tested again and when I do I'll definitely be giving their website a little visit.

  2. I have the opticians tomorrow, kinda hoping I *need* a new pair but at the same time, don't have any money to spend with IC Alice shoes coming on Friday. I've had the same 2 pairs for 4 years or so now. You look absolutely beautiful in that red pair. IIRC I look silly in very coloured glasses. It's likely the chunkier black 'geek' frames would suit me. I like the idea of this home trial thing, pretty handy. I always forget what my glasses look like by the time they're ready to be picked up. "Those are mine, really?" Pretty sure they switch them, just to confuse me ; )

  3. LOVE those red specs, looking fabulous! I really really need to buy some new frames as mine are so battered, but I can never quite bring myself to buy new ones because I don't wear my glasses anywhere near as much as my lenses.

  4. Wow Alex, the red looks incredible! xx

  5. They really suit you. I've been putting off getting my eyes tested again (only for reading so far, and I forget to flipping wear them) and I think I have at least 4 gentle reminders from Spec Savers. I can't face the trauma of having to try them all on again in the shop if I need new ones, so I'd be all over home trial.

  6. Love the red ones - they suit you perfectly!

    Lizzie Dripping

  7. These really suit you! I have managed to cut myself back down to one pair but I have kept all my old prescription frames so I can go back to them if I want!

    Maria xxx

  8. Hi! I just ordered the home trial :) I was just wondering how the frames will look with prescription glasses in them. I am shortsighted (minus 5 and minus 6) and opticians always told me to go for smaller frames, but I really like big frames. Can you tell me what prescription you have, just to get an idea? Thank you!

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