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I Love Payday

Saturday, 30 October 2010

October was a bit of a frugal month due to some unexpected expenses. November won't be much better as I'm going on holiday and have to pay for that but I've done my budget for the month and allowed myself a small amount of spends for fripperies like clothes.

How to stretch that small amount? Firstly, sales shopping:

River Island currently has 50% off all sale prices so for the princely sum of £15.50 I got some House of Holland "House" tights, some green fishnets, a plain longsleeved cream top, a nice slouchy green top with a key & padlock pattern and the best bit - some gorgeous tapestry cord shorts. These are the first pair of shorts I've ever bought. I'm still not sure I'm brave enough to show that much of my thighs but I was too taken by the fabric to leave them behind.

Secondly, charity shopping:

I do love discovering a new charity shop, especially when it's a local one that doesn't dramatically overprice stuff. I think I spent £9 in there and got all of the above stuff. I'd almost given up hope on the white blouse hunt so was chuffed to find this vintage beauty. The patterned thing next to it is a more modern tea dress. And £2 for some vintage, never worn, burgundy leather sandals? Don't mind if I do!

Going home with a bag full of lots of lovely cheap books makes Alex a very happy girl. Elizabeth Goudge is one of my favourite authors and her books aren't always easy to track down, so I did a small jig of joy when I saw a 1956 hardback of Green Dolphin Country, in immaculate condition, for only 50p. The roaring 20's book looks like much fun too.

Thirdly, a little vintage store:

It sold such nice things and they weren't expensive at all. I fell mildly in love with a checked 50's day dress but as I'm nowhere near a size 8, it wasn't meant to be. I got myself a fluted chiffon green and white scarf instead, and this very cheerful white and yellow tank top.

I also discovered a little bazaar type shop with lots of interesting furniture and fur coats in. Tucked away right at the back was a true find but I'm not going to share pics because it's going to be a present for someone else and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I think I did rather well. Can't have spent more than £30 in total and that wouldn't get me a nice jumper in most High St shops!


  1. Oh Alex, you need to take me frugal shopping!

  2. I agree. Take me too next time? And whilst we're at it, can you do me a budget too?!
    Love the cord shorts in particular. I've just bought some black Next ones from eBay, but haven't gotten around to wearing them yet!

    xxx Maddie

  3. Sweetie,you didi FABULOUSLY!!! Isn't it just too satisfying to get so much for so little!?
    Some lovely looking items there,I'm especially eyeing the green fishnets and the tea frock!
    I see you found "Silver on the Tree"! I adore that series,have read it a billion times and keep having my copies go missing because an amazing amount of people have not read it.But the movie they made...OMG what utter tripe!!Even lovejoy couldn't save it.It was so abysmal I didn't even watxh it to the end!!
    I'm off to a school fair this morning-wish me luck!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love!!

  4. Nice blog!
    take care lovely,

  5. Wow you did well there! Like you say new stuff on the high street is sooo expensive, I love most of what you got but love the tights and sandals lots. If you are too shy to wear the shorts can you not wear them with thick tights? Oh my candle is from Asda, but they are all over at the minute about £3.
    Kandi x

  6. I'm so jealous of you finding a gorgeous white blouse, I've been looking out for one but having no luck at all. Lovely finds!

  7. I DEMAND to know where this shop is??? Please text me and let me know?!!!!! The sandles are fab, and you would so rock in those shorts dahling!! xxxxx


  8. Woo Hoo!! Alex you did so well, I'm sooo impressed. I'm so loving that white blouse. xxx

  9. I am impressed! Love the shorts though I know I would never wear them.

    Well done on the book find you must be so pleased :)

  10. you did amazing especially on the henry holland tights :)
    lovely blog by the way

  11. Hooray for frugal shopping, it's amazing what you can find when you search a little bit isn't it? I love your little hat, it looks so cute

  12. Isn't it so much more rewarding to hunt round for a bargain? There's some great things you've got there, loving the fine knit, the sandals and the shorts especially. Are the sandals St Michael?
    Great haul of books, too. I love a good thriller. xxx

  13. Good work! some great bits puchased!
    Love the look of those shorts, hope you do wear them.
    Tights are fab.


  14. I love your little book haul. Charity shop books are the best because they have so much character in them already. And that padlock pattern top is the cutest thing ever. And thank you, I loved the illustration too, very dark gothic kid's book haha xxx

  15. Now you KNOW I love thrifting!!!! It is a great way to add pieces to your wardrobe without spending much.
    I love your new tights! =) Enjoy your new reads too.

  16. Ooooh, what lovely things! The shorts and vintage blouse are especially pretty. Good hauling, Alex! x

  17. Great haul, Alex. I'll make a note of that author because I always like finding something different to read. xx

  18. great finds! i was after those house of holland tights, i'll have to get myself down to river island & see if theres any left! gorgeous vintage blouse too, i've been searching for something similar but no luck so far, i'm jealous! :)

  19. Dear Alex, oh I do love a bargain! I hate to pay full price for things. I love your shorts and the vintage blouse is really pretty. I wear shorts and playsuits a lot, always with black opaque tights. You're much more adventurous with your tights and colours than I am.

    Great haul of books. I must check out Elizabeth Goudge and Milly Molly Mandy takes me back!

    Hope you've had a great weekend xx

  20. I haven't heard of Elizabeth Goudge, I will need to look her up. I used to love Milly Molly Mandy!

    My favourite bargains are your House of Holland tights and the burgundy sandals, great bargain hunting girl x

  21. I love the fabric of those River Island shorts, I don't think I would have left them behind either. Those prices are crazy! I am so behind on times, I didn't know they had a sale on.

    & I am so envious of your amazing book collection x


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