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Is there a Scrooge equivalent for Halloween?

Sunday, 31 October 2010

I may be exaggerating slightly. I don't really hate Halloween. It's just that I much prefer Bonfire Night (fireworks are more fun than fancy dress) and the whole event is very much associated with work for me. For the past 5 years I've spent the day frantically turning the place into a haunted house, then hiding in cupboards/behind wardrobes and scaring the hell out of people at the evening event. It's all very good fun and I'm secretly rather proud of the fact that I've made grown men cry with fear, but it's still work. I decided to have a break from the scaring part this year so my day has been spent doing the cobwebbing etc, then as a total change I went out for dinner with friends in the evening instead.

Daytime clobber was practical and really not very attractive:

Jeans & vest top - Dorothy Perkins (the jeans are so baggy now!)
Flannel shirt - Primark
Cat earrings - Asda

The fake cobweb looks RUBBISH in this picture - it was considerably more impressive when I'd done the whole room.

Evening outfit was a little more polished:

Jeans, in a size that fit me - Dorothy Perkins
Top - courtesy of the delightful Helga (thank you again sweetheart, I love it!!)
Cardi & ring - Primark
Shoes - Irregular Choice Flicker Flack
Clutch & earrings - ancient
Bangle - pinched from Mum

These are the shoes I treated myself to on my last jaunt to London. They're my first pair of the Flick Flack style and they won't be my last - they're so comfy! I'm totally in love with the fabric, and the little buttons, and the snazzy red heel tip.

ps - Mr Pizza Express man, if I order a pizza with no cheese and tell you that I'm allergic to dairy, what makes you think it's a great idea to slather my salad with vile cream-based dressing? Moron.


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  2. Lovely evening outfit! Casual and sleek ;) I am a total Halloween scrooge !

  3. I am LOVING your cobwebbing =) I have been quite the Hallowscrouge myself.
    (Background knowledge: I am a residence hall director) One of my residents asked me tonight, "What you are dressing up as, Lisa?" and I answered, "A Hall Director who eats candy alone and watches James Bond"
    She said, "But that's what you were last night!"
    And it is true, I was that both nights.

    Can I just say, you are looking quite slender! I love the dinner outfit.

  4. Gorgeous shoes!!!
    And that sucks about your salad order. Some people are so silly.

  5. Those shoes are beautiful!

    Gutted about your salad :(

    I'm definitely a halloween scrooge bonfire night is so much better! :)

  6. Love the colour of Helga's top on you, it's beautiful and I'm liking those new shoes,too.
    I'm rather mesmerised by the wonderful background that is your office, aren't the wallpaper and the library wonderful?
    Silly pizza man, cream-based anything is nasty but on a salad? Yuk! xxx

  7. I'm sooo pleases you like the top!! It was an unusual colour,but was so pretty I thought it worth a go!!You look gorgeous in it!!(And it was only $1!!!!
    Those SHOES!!! Divine.Lush!! So opulent!
    I'm pretty bah humbug about Halloween,darl.I do like fake cobwebs,but I loathe pumpkin and it all just leaves me a bit cold!!!

  8. Alex, your place of work is just amazing. You are one lucky girl. And those shoes, fabulous! x

  9. Those shoes are amazing!!! I'm gonna have to get looking at IC shoes.

    Love the colour of the top Helga sent you, looks great on you.



    Sometimes there's a need for capitals.

  11. I love the top, and the shoes look great, defitely the best colour-scheme for that style, they look very autumnal!!
    I'm not rly fussed either way about halloween..

  12. That top is fab!

    I love IC shoes but I'm more of a boot girl and can rarely part with £150+ for a pair :(

  13. I LOVE your evening outfit. Pretty much stunning, the Irregular Choice shoes are fabulous too x

  14. I love your evening outfit, esp those fab shoes! x

  15. What a wonderful place to work. Love your evening outfit, especially the top - so flattering on you!

  16. Love your evening outfit Alex, you look stunning.

    I know exactly what you mean about Halloween, I really can't be doing with it but the kids love it.

  17. Fabulous shoes! Great outfit too!


  18. Dear Alex, it looks beautiful where you work. I love the William Morris wallpaper.

    Great outfit, the top's a lovely colour on you and those shoes! They're great. Would they work with your new shorts?

    I always ask for my dressing on the side or they smother it xx

  19. Ah your work looks gorgeous - a library is def top of the list of things my dream house will have! Those shoes are fab, may be time for me to look at Irregular Choice :)

  20. Your workplace is so beautiful. Old wallpaper and books have me drooling.

    Please feel free to send any salad with cream-based dressings my way. I prefer my salads unhealthy.

  21. I think I'm in love with your shoes, they're the best I've seen in a very long time! A-Mazing.

    And what is it with the need to dress up and drink too much on Hallowe'en? Fireworks, toffee apples and a bonfire are by far the way to go. Thank you putting that out there!

  22. Those are some really cute shoes. I like the way they pair with the rest of the ensemble. Thanks for sharing the photos and come and visit me too soon.


  23. You are looking stunning in your evening outfit Alex and I'm sure your cob-webbing was awesome. I agree with you on the whole Bonfire Night better than Halloween, but Christmas is still my favourite. And those shoes are gorgeous! xxx

  24. That room looks awesome! Cute outfit <3

    KF x

  25. Love it :)))


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